Attestation of Employer not required on Declaration with Form31/ 31 (UAN): EPFO

Attestation of Employer not required on Declaration with both EPF Claim Form 31 and Form 31 (UAN): EPFO Instructions/ Clarification

Note: Rcently, the EPFO has introduced Composite PF Claim Forms (Aadhar/ Non-Aadhar) applicable w.e.f. 20 Feb. 2017 and has withdrawn/ replaced Claim Forms 19, 10C and 31 (including UAN Forms 19, 10C and 31). Also, now partial PF withdrawals shall be allowed based on Self Certification (instead of other documents/ certificates):

EPFO has clarified that the Declaration Form can be accepted without attestation by the employer both in the case of Claim Form 31 as well as UAN based Claim Form No. 31 (UAN), i.e. the attestation by an employer on the Declaration form would not be required for both Form No. 31 & Form No. 31(UAN). However, the Claim Form No. 31 shall continue to be attested by the employer.

Further, it may be noted that EPFO has also modified the format of Declaration Form and no documents are required to be enclosed with the new/ revised Declaration Form which is required to be submitted along with application Form 31/ Form 31(UAN) for purchase of a dwelling site/ house/ flat or re-construction of dwelling house, or for addition/ alteration of the dwelling house.

To view/ download instructions of EPFO on the aforesaid issues, please refer the link below:

EPFO Instructions dt. 26 Aug. 2016 No attestation of Employer on Declaration with Claim Form 31

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