Latest Updates from MCA Portal (22 Feb. 2017)

Latest Updates from MCA Portal (as on 22 Feb. 2017)

i) Form SPICe MoA, SPICe AoA and SH-11 are likely to be revised on MCA21 Company Forms Download page w.e.f 26th FEB 2017. Stakeholders are advised to check the latest version before filing.

ii) Stakeholders may kindly note that in the new improved version of SPICe e-form, the Certificate of Incorporation will be generated only after approval of Company Incorporation by MCA and also allotment of PAN & TAN by Income Tax Deptt. Till the integration with the CBDT system stabilizes, few Stakeholders may experience occasional delay in receiving the Certificate of Incorporation (COI). Stakeholders may please note that the new functionality is intended to reduce the total time frame and number of processes for incorporation and allotment of PAN/TAN. All newly incorporated companies using SPICE e-forms are now receiving their PAN in the COI itself and TAN separately by e-mail.

iii) Form 49A (PAN) and 49B (TAN) needs to be digitally signed by the same director who has affixed digital signature in Form SPICe (INC-32).

iv) New Version of SPICe form has been recently revised on MCA21 Company Forms Download page w.e.f 1st feb 2017. Stakeholders are advised to check the latest version before filing, MCA21 system will accept new version of the SPICe form for fresh filings, as well as old version of SPICe for filing of previously marked resubmission cases. No PAN or TAN will be allotted for applications which were filed before 30th January 2017. Stakeholders are requested to plan accordingly.

v) Stakeholders may also kindly note that the revised version of Form SPICe (INC-32) will mandatorily require application for both PAN and TAN also. MCA21 system will auto generate the pre-filled application forms 49A (PAN) and 49B (TAN) after submission of SPICe, which the stakeholders will be required to download, affix digital signature and then upload both signed forms on MCA21 system as linked forms. New version of SPICe incorporation applications will be processed only after Forms 49A & 49B are duly signed, uploaded using “Submit Application for PAN and TAN” service and payment is confirmed by MCA. PAN (as allotted by Income Tax Deptt) will be printed in the Certification of Incorporation, and TAN will be separately communicated to the stakeholders by email.

vi) For filling AO codes for PAN and AO codes for TAN in Form SPICe (INC-32) please refer to FAQs or Instruction Kit. AO codes for PAN and AO codes for TAN are different. Please refer to SPICe FAQs or Instruction kit.

vii) Filing Form 3 within 30 days of incorporation is mandatory. Stakeholders are advised to ensure that Form 3 (Information with regard to Limited Liability Partnership agreement and changes, if any, made therein) has been mandatorily filed for initial agreement before filing of Form 8 (Statement of Account & Solvency) and Form 11 (Annual Return of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).


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