150 IT Labs for FINTECH Expertise of Future CAs: ICAI

As per TOI News reports, the Institue of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) will set up about 150 IT Labs across the Country (India) to equip CA Students/ future Chartered Accountants (CAs) with expert knowledge of the latest financial technologies (FINTECH).

The ICAI President Sh. Debashis Mitra has said in Ahmedabad that knowledge of new technologies in the financial sector has become very necessary for the CA students (future CAs), as they have to handle various types of technology based financial transactions apart from the traditional dealings.

150 IT Labs for FINTECH Expertise of Future CAs: ICAI

The IT labs which are to be established by ICAI are the essential need of the current times wherein cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are evolving and the CA students/ future Chartered Accountants (CAs) are required to be acquainted with adequate knowledge and expertise to take on the professional assignments in such new and challenging areas, which are in the evolving stages as well.

Source: TOI dt. 22/03/2022


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