18 “Sectoral Groups” Constituted by GST Council for Smooth GST Implementation

GST Council Constitutes 18 “Sectoral Groups” to ensure Smooth GST Implementation

To ensure smooth roll-out of GST and in line with the GST Council’s decision in meeting dt. 18-19 May, 2017, Govt. has constituted 18 “Sectoral Groups“, representing various sectors of the economy, comprising of Senior Officers of the Central and State Governments.

Objectives of the Sectoral Groups

Main objective of these Groups is to ensure ‘smooth implementation of GST’ by timely responding to the issues and problems of their respective Sector(s). For the purpose, these Groups will:-

i) Interact and examine representations received from trade and industry associations/ bodies of their respective sector;

ii) Highlight specific issues for the smooth transition of the respective sector to the GST regime;

iii) Prepare sector specific draft guidelines, etc.

In other words, we can say that the officials of these Sectoral Groups will deal with the issues and the problems of the respective sector(s) they represent. The Concerned industry Groups/ Associations or even Individual Industry representative(s) may approach the respective Sectoral Group officers with their problems, if any, relating to GST implementation. Such Sectoral Representative, in turn, will try to guide and help them in resolving their issues. This exercise will help in dealing with most of the sectoral problems and issues at the local/ regional level.

Composition and Contact Details of Sectoral Groups constituted by GST Council

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