All About ‘Ind AS’ (Converged ‘Indian Accounting Standards’) notified by MCA

All About Converged ‘Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)’ Notified/ Amended by MCA

All about the Converged ‘Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)’ as notified/ amended by the MCA, from time to time, via the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015/ 2016/ 2017, including comparison of Ind AS vis-a-vis AS, IAS and IFRS, FAQs/ Guidelines/ Clarifications/ Exposure Drafts/ Updates on Ind AS by MCA/ ICAI/ CBDT, etc.

Overview: Ind AS

List of Indian Accounting Standards (Converged Ind AS)

Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS): An Overview by ICAI (Sept. 2017)

Comparison of ‘IFRS’/ ‘IAS’ and Corresponding ‘Ind AS’ notified by MCA

Interpretations issued by the ‘IFRIC’/ ‘SIC’ included in Appendix to relevant ‘Ind AS’

MCA Notifications/ Clarifications/ Companies Rules on Ind AS

Companies (Ind AS) Amendment Rules, 2017 notified by MCA

Ind AS to Apply for ‘Amortisation of Intangible Assets’ under Schedule II: MCA

Ind AS Compliance by Corporates having Banking Subsidiaries: MCA Clarification

Companies Ind AS Amendment Rules, 2016 Notified by MCA

Companies Ind AS Rules 2015 Notified by MCA

CBDT FAQs/ Clarifications on Ind AS

CBDT’s 14 FAQs/ Clarifications on Book Profit Computation for MAT (Ind AS Compliant Companies)

Committee Report on Levy of MAT on Ind AS Compliant Companies: CBDT Invites Comments

ICAI FAQs/ Clarifications/ Guidance Notes/ Guidelines on Ind AS

Auditor’s Reports under AS to Ind AS Transition Phase: ICAI’s Implementation Guide

ICAI’s Guidance Note on “Division II Ind AS Schedule III to Companies Act, 2013”

ITFG (ICAI) Clarifications on Ind AS Implementation Issues (Bulletins #1 onwards)

‘Ind AS Transition Facilitation Group (ITFG)’ Constituted by ICAI

ICAI’s Guidance Note on ‘Accounting for Oil and Gas Producing Activities (Ind AS)’

ICAI’s Guidance Note on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions (Ind AS cases)

ICAI’s FAQs on Presentation of Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) as per Ind AS

ICAI’s Clarification on ‘infrequent number of sales’/ ‘insignificant in value’ (Ind AS 109)

ICAI’s Educational Material on Ind AS-18 (Revenue) Implementation Issues (Sept. 2017)

ICAI Clarification / FAQ on “Deemed Cost of Property, Plant and Equipment under Ind-AS 101”

Other Updates on Ind AS (SEBI/ RBI Guidelines)

Ind AS Implementation in AIFIs w.e.f. 1 April 2018 (Exim Bank, NABARD, NHB and SIDBI)

Banks to follow Ind AS from April 1, 2018: RBI

Revised SEBI Formats for Financial Results & Relaxations for Ind AS Implementation by Listed Entities

Road Map for Implementation of Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)

Definitions under Companies Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) Rules 2015/ 2016

MCA Rules on Applicability of/ Exemption from Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)

ICAI’s Exposure Drafts of Ind AS for Comments

ICAI’s Exposure Draft of ‘Ind AS 116: Leases’

ICAI’s Exposure Draft of Amendments to ‘Ind AS 101: First-time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards’

ICAI’s Exposure Draft of Clarifications to ‘Ind AS 115: Revenue from Contracts with Customers’

ICAI’s Exposure Draft of Revised “Ind AS 28- Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures”

ICAI’s Exposure Draft of Revised “Ind AS 112- Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities”

ICAI’s Exposure Draft of Appendix B to “Ind AS 21 on Foreign Currency Transactions and Advance Consideration”

ICAI’s Exposure Draft of Revised “Ind AS 40 – Investment Property” for Comments

ICAI’s Exposure Draft on “Ind AS Compliant Schedule III to Companies Act, 2013” for NBFCs

ICAI’s Exposure Draft on Amendments to ‘Ind AS-12 Income Taxes’ for Comments

ICAI’s Exposure Draft on XBRL Taxonomy for Ind AS Compliant Financial Statements

ICAI issues Exposure Draft on ‘Amendments to Ind AS 7: Statement of Cash Flows’

AS vs Ind AS (Comparison)

Difference between Ind AS 1 and AS 1

Difference between Ind AS 2 and AS 2

Difference between Ind AS 7 and AS 3

Difference between Ind AS 8 and AS 5

Difference between Ind AS 10 and AS 4

Difference between Ind AS 11 and AS 7

Difference between Ind AS 12 and AS 22

Difference between Ind AS 16, AS 10 and AS 6

Difference between Ind AS 18 and AS 9

Difference between Ind AS 19 and AS 15

Difference between Ind AS 20 and AS 12

Difference between Ind AS 21 and AS 11

Difference between Ind AS 23 and AS 16

Difference between Ind AS 24 and AS 18

Difference between Ind AS 27 and AS 21

Difference between Ind AS 28 and AS 23

Difference between Ind AS 31 and AS 27

Difference between Ind AS 32 and AS 31

Difference between Ind AS 33 and AS 20

Difference between Ind AS 34 and AS 25

Difference between Ind AS 36 and AS 28

Difference between Ind AS 37 and AS 29

Difference between Ind AS 38 and AS 26

Difference between Ind AS 39 and AS 30

Difference between Ind AS 103 and AS 14

Difference between Ind AS 105 and AS 24

Difference between Ind AS 107 and AS 32

Difference between Ind AS 108 and AS 17

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