Beware of Fake Helpline Number 9564148567 of IT Department

The Income Tax (IT) Department issued the following tweet on December 6, 2022, warning the public and taxpayers to be wary of a fake helpline/customer care (# 9564148567):

“This profile/number, which is posing as Income Tax Department Support/Customer Care, is FAKE. Please do not call the said number or respond to any calls or communication from it asking you to share your personal, financial, or other sensitive information.”

Beware of Fake Helpline Number 9564148567 of IT Department

A scam is being run under the guise of the IT Department’s Customer Care (Helpline) by using the said Twitter profile and number (# 9564148567). Please do not dial the number provided, nor respond to any calls or messages from that number if they ask you to reveal sensitive information such as your personal, financial or other information. The Income Tax Department has asked everyone involved not to call the fake helpline number mentioned above. Instead, people with questions should call the official Customer Care/Helpline numbers, which are 18001030025 and 18004190025 (Toll Free).

Despite the fact that the aforementioned fake Twitter account has been suspended as a result of an IT Department complaint, taxpayers and stakeholders are advised to be wary of the mobile number used by the fraudster(s) posing as IT Department Support or Customer Care.

The matter is closed at this point, but it’s still being shared to raise public awareness in case similar situations arise in the future.

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