CA 2013 Compliance by Small Companies: ICAI Handbook

Discover the essential guide to compliance and the Companies Act 2013 for small businesses in India. Learn how the Act supports small companies, their role in the economy and the importance of compliance in ensuring success and growth. Explore the ICAI’s Handbook for Small Companies, a practical resource to help navigate the complex legal landscape and meet compliance obligations.

Embracing a Liberal Regime for Small Businesses

The Companies Act 2013 aims to encourage small businesses by adopting a more liberal approach towards compliances, filings and punishments. As a result, one-person companies and small companies benefit from simpler requirements and reduced fees for filings, compliances and more. This approach takes into account the size of the company, the nature of the business, injury to public interest, gravity of default and repetition of default.

CA 2013 Compliance by Small Companies: ICAI Handbook

Small Businesses and their Role in India’s Economy

Small businesses, including Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), have become an essential component of the Indian economy. They contribute to social, economic and political growth, making them vital for the country’s progress. Small companies are found in various sectors, from manufacturing to services, providing employment to millions and significantly contributing to India’s GDP.

Significance of Compliance for Small Companies

Compliance helps small businesses stay competitive, minimize risk and ensures that company operations are conducted transparently and responsibly. However, small companies often face unique challenges with compliance due to limited resources and expertise, making it difficult to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape. It’s crucial for small companies to be aware of the various compliances they need to adhere to, protecting their businesses from fines and penalties while maintaining corporate governance principles.

The ICAI’s Handbook for Small Companies: A Practical Compliance Guide

To assist members with various compliances, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has introduced a publication through its Corporate Laws and Corporate Governance Committee (CL&CGC). This publication, titled “Handbook for Company Form of Organisation: Compliances by Small Companies,” is designed to help professionals understand the compliance requirements and practical aspects of the law for small companies.

This guide provides detailed explanation on various provisions and exemptions granted to small companies under the Companies Act 2013. This comprehensive resource covers the procedures, requirements and compliances that must be followed by a Company Form of Organisation classified as a small company under the Companies Act 2013. The handbook also provides guidance on meeting legal obligations as applicable.

ICAI’s Handbook for Company Form of Organisation: Compliances by Small Companies (February 2023)


By understanding the Companies Act 2013 and utilizing the ICAI’s Handbook, the small businesses can confidently navigate the complex world of compliance. Stay competitive, minimize risk and maintain corporate governance principles to ensure that such small companies can succeed and contributes to India’s vibrant economy.

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