CA Exams at Kathmandu Centre postponed by ICAI (11 May~14 May 2017)

ICAI Announces Postponement of CA Exams (IPC/ ATC/ Final) at Kathmandu Centre Scheduled to be held from 11 May to 14 May 2017

In view of local elections at Kathmandu, Nepal on 14 May 2017, the ICAI has postponed the CA Exams (IPC/ ATC/ Final) scheduled to be held from 11 May 2017 to 14 May 2017 at Kathmandu centres, as follows:

i) CA Final: Paper 5 Advanced Management Accounting rescheduled from 11 May to 18 May 2017 and Paper 6 Information Systems Control and Audit rescheduled from 13 May to 20 May 2017.

ii) CA Inter (IPC) and ATC: Paper 5 Advanced Accounting  rescheduled from 12 May to 19 May 2017 and Paper 6 Auditing and Assurance rescheduled from 14 May to 21 May 2017.

It may be noted that the rescheduled examinations in above mentioned papers will be held at the same venue(s) and at the same timings i.e. from 2:00 PM(IST) to 5:00 PM (IST) with “Reading Time” of 15 minutes from 1:45 PM (IST).

Also, the Admit Cards already issued to candidates appearing at Kathmandu centers would remain valid for the rescheduled dates.

Further, the ICAI has clarified that the schedule of CA Exams in respect of all other cities in India and abroad shall remain unchanged, as notified earlier.

ICAI Announcement dt. 5 May, 2017 reg. Postponement of CA Exams at Kathmandu Centre


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