CBEC’s Final GST Rules and Revised Draft GST Rules

CBEC’s GST Rules (Final/ Revised Draft)

A. Final GST Rules as Approved in Meeting of GST Council dt. 18 May 2017

The GST Council, in it’s meeting held at Srinagar on 18 May 2017, has approved Final GST Rules (based on Revised Draft prepared by the CBEC) relating to Composition, Valuation, Input Tax Credit, Tax Invoice, Credit/ Debit Notes, Tax Payment, Refund and Registration. However, GST Rules relating to Returns and Transitional Provisions, are being reviewed.

Final GST Rules as Approved by GST Council (18 May 2017)
GST Composition Rules and Forms
GST Valuation Rules
GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) Rules and Forms
GST Tax Invoice, Debit and Credit Notes Rules
GST Tax Payment Rules and Forms
GST Refund Rules and Forms
GST Registration Rules and Forms

B. CBEC’s Revised Draft GST Rules (dt. 31 Mar. 2017)

CBEC has issued revised draft GST Rules (dt. 31 Mar. 2017) relating to Composition, Valuation, Transitional Provisions, Input Tax Credit, Invoice, Tax Payment, Refund and Registration, for comments/ feedback from stakeholders.

Revised Draft GST Rules (31 Mar. 2017)
GST Return Rules (Draft)
GST Transition Rules (Draft)
Draft GST Rules (26 Sept. 2016)
GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) Mismatch Report (Draft)
GST Return Formats (Draft)
GSTR 9B Reconciliation Statement (Draft)
GST Tax Invoice formats (Draft)
GST E-Way Bill Rules (Draft)
GST Assessment and Audit Rules (Draft)
GST Appeals and Revisions Rules (Draft)
GST Advance Rulings Rules (Draft)
GST Accounts and Records Rules (Draft)

ICAI’s Comments/ Suggestions on Draft GST Rules

The ICAI has submitted comments/ suggestions on the CBEC’s Draft GST Rules relating to Composition, Input Tax Credit, Determination of Value of Supply, Transitional Provisions, Registration, Tax Invoice, Debit & Credit Notes, Refund, Accounts & Records, Appeals & Revision, E-way Bill, Return, Advance Ruling, Assessment & Audit, etc., as under:

CBEC’s Draft GST Rules: ICAI’s Suggestions dt. 5 May 2017

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