CBI Search at Premises of DGGI Pune Officials Vimlesh Singh (IRS) and Rahul Kumar

The CBI has raided and searched the residential premises of DGGI Pune officials Vimlesh Kumar Singh (IRS) and Rahul Kumar in connection with a complaint filed for an alleged Rs. 1 crore bribe demand from a Gurugram businessman, as per news reports.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is said to have carried out searches at three locations in Pune and Mumbai belonging to officials of the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI), in relation to an alleged bribe demand of one crore rupees from a Gurugram businessman during the term when they were posted in Pune in the months of March-April 2022.

CBI Search at Premises of DGGI Pune Officials Vimlesh Singh (IRS) and Rahul Kumar

Reportedly, the CBI has found incriminating documents and digital devices during the course of search. In addition, the CBI has recovered a cash Rs. 4 lakh along with gold jewellery from the residence of Vimlesh Kumar Singh (IRS), who served as the Deputy Director of DGGI Pune in 2022.

The CBI initiated a prosecution under the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA) in January 2023. The case was also brought against Rahul Kumar, who served as the Senior Intelligence Officer at DGGI Pune. Additionally, the case was brought against a private individual by the name of Sanjit as well as other individuals who have not been identified.

It is asserted by the complainant Haryana businessman that these DGGI Pune officials asked him in March 2022 for a bribe of Rs. 1 crore in exchange for undue favours and the dropping of the case that had been brought against his company. The money was to be paid by the businessman in equal amounts over the course of four installments, each worth Rs. 25 lakh. These officials allegedly negotiated the deal with the complainant businessman by communicating with each other and the businessman via separate mobile phone numbers.

The accused officials of DGGI, Vimlesh Kumar Singh (IRS), Deputy Director, and Rahul Kumar, Senior Intelligence Officer, had asked the complainant for payment of the bribe money in Patna and Pune.

The complainant businessman’s company was the subject of an investigation by the DGGI Pune in March 2022 for allegedly evading payment of the GST. As part of that investigation, the company’s premises in Haryana, where it was operating out of a School, were searched.

After that, the owner of the company and its officials were called to Pune on multiple occasions for interrogation. During one of these visits, officials from DGGI Pune asked that the company’s owner pay the bribe in order to end the investigation and prevent further harassment. The owner of the company decided to record the bribe demand phone calls in order to provide evidence to the CBI.

In April 2022. Vishal Bansal, who runs Gurgaon based company (Future U India Ltd) has filed a complaint in response to the bribes demanded by Rahul Kumar and Vimlesh Kumar (DGGI Pune officials), in exchange for “not further harassing them and closing the proceedings.”

The CBI conducted an investigation into the allegations that were contained in the complaint. According to the allegations made against the officials under suspicion, the complainant and his colleague were subjected to numerous calls in connection with the ongoing investigation.

During the verification, it was found out that the accused Rahul Kumar, in connivance with Vimlesh Kumar, demanded and agreed to accept a part payment of Rs. 25 lakh to be delivered to his contact, Sanjit.

Additional investigation is being carried out by the CBI right now.

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