Courier Companies to file DVAT Returns (CR II) by 16 June 2016 for 2015-16

Filing of online DVAT Returns by Courier companies

A. Due Date further extended upto 16th June 2016, for filing DVAT Returns (2015-16) in Form CR II

The DVAT Deptt has further extended the due date for filing of DVAT Return in Form CR II by courier companies for Financial Year 2015-16 upto 16 June 2016, i.e. now the returns for all the four  quarters of the financial year are required-to be filed by 16 June 2016.

DVAT Notification dt. 19th May, 2016: CR-II filing Due Date further Extended to 16 June 2016

DVAT Notification dt. 28th April, 2016: CR-II filing Due Date further Extended to 16 May 2016

DVAT Notification dt. 15th March, 2016: CR-II filing Due Date further Extended to 31st Mar 2016

DVAT Notification dt. 1st March, 2016: CR-II filing Due Date Extended to 15th Mar 2016

B. Courier companies required to file DVAT Return CR II

Courier firms/companies functioning within Delhi are now required to furnish online quarterly return of details of transactions of delivering goods of value above Rs. 10,000/- at the doorsteps of clients in DVAT Return in ‘Form CR II’ enclosed.

DVAT Notification dt. 11 Feb 2016

DVAT Deptt has notified that all firms/companies. engaged in the business of courier activities and having their offices functioning within the National Capital Territory of Delhi, to furnish an online quarterly return of details of transactions of delivering goods having value more than Rupees Ten Thousands at the doorsteps of their clients either individually or at the business places or offices in the format ’Form CR ll’ enclosed herewith. This shall further be subject to the following conditions:-

1. Every such firm/company shall have to enroll itself by logging on to website of this Department at first by clicking on the relevant link on the menu. Basic information has to be filed online in Form CR-I. A unique ID (CRID) would be generated after successful submission of information. This ID shall be used as Login ID for filing the return in Form CR-II. Password for filing CR-II for the first time would be communicated on e-mail provided by the firm/company.

2. The return should be filed on quarterly basis in Form CR-II by 28th day of the month following the quarter to which the return pertains. To begin with, return for the first three quarters of the current financial year (i. e. 1st April, 2015 to 3oth June, 2015; 1st July, 2015 to 3oth September, 2015 and 1st October, 2015 to 315′ December, 2015) is required to be filed by 28th February, 2016. In case any discrepancy is noticed subsequently, the details furnished in Form CR-II can be revised up to the end of the quarter following the quarter to which the return pertains.

3. The return should be uploaded on the above said portal of the Department by logging on to the website of the Department using the CRID and password.

4. While filing the return in Form CR-II for a quarter, the firm/company is required to furnish details of all such transactions where the date of delivering goods to the buyer or consignee or the recipient falls Within the said quarter, irrespective of whether or not the goods or payment were received by the said firm/company from the sender or supplier or seller etc. for making delivery during the said quarter.

5. The details furnished in Form CR I shall be required to be updated Within 30 days in case of any change.

6. Non Compliance of the notification would be treated as violation of the provisions of the said Act and would be proceeded accordingly.

This notification shall come into force with immediate effect. 2170787

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