Cut in GST Rate of Goods (27 Domestic Supplies+3 Imports Items): CBEC

GST Council Recommends Changes/ Cut in GST Rate for Supply of Goods (27 Items) and Nil IGST Rate for Import (3 Items)

The GST Council, in its 22nd Meeting held on 6 Oct. 2017, has decided and recommended change/ cut in GST rate in respect of domestic supply of 27 items of Goods of day to day use like food, stationary, medicine, etc. Besides, it has recommended Nil rate of IGST in respect of import of 3 items, like free medicine supplies by International agencies, gifts of upto Rs. 5000, rigs under lease, etc. The details of the same are as under:

Changes/ Cut in GST Rates for Goods Supplies/ Imports: CBEC Press Release dt. 6 Oct. 2017

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