CVC Drive for Integrity Pledge/ Commitment by Indian Citizens & Organisations

CVC Initiative/ Drive for Integrity Pledge/ Commitment by Indian Citizens and Organisations

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has taken initiative and started drive for Integrity Pledge/ Commitment by Indian Citizens and Organisations. For the purpose, one has to visit the CVC Website and submit few basic details along with Integrity Pledge, as under:

Integrity Pledge

I believe that corruption has been one of the major obstacles to economic, political and social progress of our country. I believe that all stakeholders such as Government, citizens and private sector need to work together to eradicate corruption.

I realise that every citizen should be vigilant and commit to highest standards of honesty and integrity at all times and support the fight against corruption.

I, therefore, pledge:

i) To follow probity and rule of law in all walks of life;

ii) To neither take nor offer bribe;

iii) To perform all tasks in an honest and transparent manner;

iv) To be accountable for my actions;

v) To act in public interest;

vi) To lead by example exhibiting integrity in personal behaviour;

vii) To report any incident of corruption to the appropriate agency.

After submission of Integrity Pledge, you will get One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile which is required to be entered to complete submission of Integrity pledge at CVC portal. The process is quite simple. Finally, you will get a certificate from CVC that you have adopted integrity pledge, as under:

‘Certificate of Commitment’ from CVC

CA Club Appeals all Indian Citizens/ Organisations to participate in the drive of CVC and make it a grand success. It’s important because keeping in view the size of population of our country, tally of such pledge being at just about 8 lac so far is far from satisfactory.

Last but not the least, please keep in mind that everyone who makes the Integrity Pledge with CVC should mean it by heart and conduct for a better India and better tomorrow.


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