DGFT Reiterates Requirement of only 3 Documents for Imports & Exports

DGFT Reiterates Requirement of only 3 Documents as Mandatory for Imports & Exports from / to India

The DGFT vide Trade Notice No. 15/2015-16 dt. 21st Jan., 2016 has reiterated its commitment to reduce number of documents required as support for exports/ exports from/ to India and has insisted that exporters and importers should be asked to produce only those documents, basically three, as were indicated in DGFT Notification No. 114/2015-20 dt. 12th March, 2015. The DGFT had prescribed 3 basic documents as under:

A. Mandatory documents required for export of goods from India:

1. Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
2. Commercial Invoice cum Packing List
3. Shipping Bill/Bill of Export

B. Mandatory documents required for import of goods into India

1. Bill ofLading/Airway Bill
2. Commercial Invoice cum Packing List
3. Bill of Entry

Further, the above-said Notification mentioned that for export or import of specific goods which are subject to any restrictions/policy conditions or require NOC or product Specific compliances under any statute, the regulatory authority concerned may notify additional documents for purposes of export or import.

In specific cases of export or import, the regulatory authority concerned may electronically or in writing seek additional documents or information, as deemed necessary to ensure legal compliance. Thus a departure from the 3 document norm is envisaged only in rare exceptional cases where a substantive legal requirement exists for doing so.

The DGFT has advised all departments concerned with Exports and Imports to follow the above notification strictly and not to require submission of additional documents without sufficient cause. Any deviations may be reported to DGFT.

DGFT Trade Notice 15/2015-16 dt. 21st Jan., 2016

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