List of Trade Notices issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), during the year 2021-2022, in connection with formulation/ implementation of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP 2015-20) for promoting India’s exports:

List of DGFT Trade Notices 2021-2022 (No./ Date/ Particulars)
DGFT Trade Notice 33/2021-22 dt. 27/01/2022: DGFT procedures on Application for Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) under Free Trade Agreement (FTA)/ Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) for FY 2022-23.
DGFT Trade Notice 32/2021-22 dt. 24/01/2022: DGFT extends the timeline of transitional period for mandatory e-filing of Non-preferential ‘Certificate of Origin (CoO)’ through the Common Digital Platform, upto 31/03/2022, i.e. in the meantime the existing systems for submitting and processing non-preferential CoO applications in manual/ paper mode will continue to be permitted.
DGFT Trade Notice 31/2021-22 dt. 14/01/2022: DGFT notifies that the process for deactivation of Importer Exporter Codes (IECs) of the cases where the details have not been updated after 01/07/2020, shall be initiated from 01/02/2022. The deadline for updation of details was last extended from 30/06/2021 to 31/07/2021 & 31/08/2021.
DGFT Trade Notice 30/2021-22 dt. 13/01/2022: DGFT Guidelines for online application submission regarding one time registration for SCOMET license and Post-reporting requirements for Export of Chemicals under General Authorization for Export of Chemicals and related equipments (GAEC) w.e.f 19/01/2022.
DGFT Trade Notice 29/2021-22 dt. 06/01/2022: DGFT continues operations of the ‘DGFT COVID-19 Helpdesk’ to provide support for international trade related issues.
DGFT Trade Notice 28/2021-22 dt. 31/12/2021: The DGFT provides option to file manual applications for EODC/ closure under Advance Authorisation  (AA) Scheme, in respect of AAs issued prior to 01/12/2020.
DGFT Trade Notice 16/2021-2022 dt. 17/08/2021: Procedure and criteria for submission and approval of applications for export of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing kits.
DGFT Trade Notice 15/2021-2022 dt. 09/08/2021: DGFT prescribes procedure and criteria for submission and approval of applications for export of Diagnostic Kits and their components/ laboratory reagents. DGFT has also advised the export quota fixed for July to September 2021 in respect thereof. 
DGFT Trade Notice 14/2021-2022 dt. 04/08/2021: DGFT notifies Online Procedure for transfer of Advance/ EPCG Authorisation in case of amalgamation/ demerger/ acquisition etc. from old to new entity.
DGFT Trade Notice 13/2021-2022 dt. 04/08/2021: DGFT allows uploading of e-BRC by 15/09/2021 for shipping bills with LEO upto 31/03/2020 on which RoSCTL scrip has been claimed from DGFT Regional Authorities (RAs), in view of pending uploading of e-BRC as proof of export proceeds realisation in several cases.
DGFT Trade Notice 12/2021-2022 dt. 28/07/2021: Introduction of ‘Online Deemed Exports Application Module’ (FTP 2015-2020). Read More
DGFT Trade Notice 11/2021-2022 dt. 28/07/2021: Issuance of Export Authorisation for SCOMET Items from new online Restricted Exports IT Module w.e.f. 05/08/2021. Read More
DGFT Trade Notice 10/2021-2022 dt. 19/07/2021: Mandatory e-filing of Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin (CoO) through the Common Digital Platform from 01/10/2021, i.e. timeline extended to allow paper-based systems upto 30/09/2021.
DGFT Trade Notice 09/2021-2022 dt. 19/07/2021: DGFT invites suggestions on the next 5 year’s Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) (2021-2026), latest by 31/07/2021. It may be noted that the FTP (2015-2020) has already been extended upto 30/09/2021.
DGFT Trade Notice 08/2021-2022 dt. 08/07/2021: DGFT puts temporary hold on Acceptance, Processing and Issuance of claims (benefits/ scrips) under MEIS, SEIS, ROSL, ROSCTL, due to change in the Allocation Procedure in the IT Modules.
DGFT Trade Notice 07/2021-2022 dt. 26/05/2021: DGFT informs about affected IT modules/ services, wherein CBDT PAN validation services are being consumed, since the e-filing services at the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Dept. shall not be available due to launch of new portal, during 01/06/2021 to 06/06/2021. In other words, the DGFT Import-Export Code (IEC) Services shall remain affected due to non-availability of PAN Validation Services during the said period.
DGFT Trade Notice 06/2021-2022 dt. 25/05/2021: Mandatory recording of information about transfer of DFIA (Duty Free Import Authorization) Scrips and Paperless issuance thereof.
DGFT Trade Notice 05/2021-2022 dt. 19/05/2021: Introduction of an online e-EPCG Committee module for accepting applications seeking relaxation in Policy/ Procedure in terms of para 2.58 of FTP 2015-20.
DGFT Trade Notice 04/2021-2022 dt. 10/05/2021: Extension of validity of Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) beyond 31/03/2021.
DGFT Trade Notice 03/2021-2022 dt. 10/05/2021: Issuance of Export Authorisation for Restricted Items (Non-SCOMET) from new online Restricted Exports IT Module from 17/05/2021.
DGFT Trade Notice 02/2021-2022 dt. 26/04/2021: Operationalisation of DGFT ‘COVID-19 Helpdesk’ for International Trade related Issues.
DGFT Trade Notice 01/2021-2022 dt. 01/04/2021: Electronic filing and Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin (CoO) for India’s Exports under India-Mauritius Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (IMCECPA) w.e.f. 01/04/2021.