Download ACES Excel Utility for E Filing of ER 8 Return by Jewellery Manufacturers

ER-8 return – Download  ACES Excel Utility for E Filing by Jewellery Manufacturers

The CBEC has released on 25 Aug. 2016 the E FIling Utility for ER 8, which is a quarterly Return for production and removal of goods and other relevant particulars to be used by Jewellers. The excel utility can be used for creating the XML file for efiling of your returns. The Efilling Excel Utility is an Excel Workbook that consists of four worksheets and are dynamic. E-filing consist of two sub process firstly generation of XML file of the ER8 Return, and then upload of generated xml file to ACES application. To download the utility, please refer the link below:

 Download ER-8 Return Excel Utility (ACES) – Jewellery Manufacturers

Before you Begin : Please make sure that
1. The version of Microsoft Excel in your system should be Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and above.
2. The sysem should have a file compression software to unzip excel utility file.
3. You have downloaded the latest Excel Utility from ACES application to your local system.
4. Macros are enabled as per the following instructions, so that all the functionalities of Efilling Utility will work fine.
– On the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Security.
– Click on either Medium or Low to select the ‘Security Level’.
– On the Trusted Publishers tab, select the Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box.
5. System Date is correct.

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