DVAT DS1 Filing Notification Withdrawn by DVAT Deptt

DVAT Deptt withdraws Notification dt. 19 May 2016 relating to Mandatory Filing of DVAT DS1 for Movement of Goods from Delhi

DVAT Deptt. vide Notification dt 19th May 2016 had notified an online Form Delhi Sugam-1 (DS1), for furnishing the details in respect of any commodities/goods to be moved from Delhi to any place outside the territory of Delhi on account of sale, stock transfer or due to whatsoever reason, by all the registered dealers of Delhi before the actual movement of such goods occurs.

However, based on feedback received from certain stakeholders, the DVAT Deptt has decided to not to implement the mandatory filing requirement of DS 1 w.e.f. 1st June 2016. Accordingly, the aforesaid Notification dt 19th May 2016 stands withdrawn. Effectively, the DVAT Deptt has cancelled the requirement of DS 1 filing from 1st June 2016 for all movements of goods from Delhi to outside Delhi.

Reportedly, Traders Lobby of Delhi was agitated against the decision of Delhi Guv to introduce mandatory requirement of DS 1, whereby every trader was liable to give 17 details for each invoice. Allegedly DS1 is considered by the Traders Lobby of Delhi as a requirement which unnecessarily increases the workload of the traders. Delhi Guv is reviewing the scenario and will rework on DS1 simplification.

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