ECR 2 launched by EPFO; FAQs, User Manual on Process Flow

Launch of UAN based ECR 2 by EPFO (Dec. 2016)

To make the ECR UAN based and simple, the EPFO has launched ECR 2 (KYC linked) by making various changes in the existing format during Dec. 2016. Accordingly, EPFO has explained about FAQs, Process Flow of ECR2, etc.

i) ECR 2 User Manual and FAQs

UAN based ECR 2 Introduction

Comparative list of changes in the fields of ECR v1 for launch of UAN based ECR 2 (KYC linked); File format of the ECR Version II and ARREAR ECR Files along with EPFO remarks on Validation of Fields thereof; Process flow of the ECR Version II (Process with Screen shots separately displayed in point below).

UAN based ECR 2 Process Flow/ User Manual

EPFO’s User manual cum Process Flow with Screenshots on  “Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR v2).

UAN based ECR FAQs

EPFO’s explanations on various FAQs like,  If the employer wants to pay the monthly ECR and arrears also, can he do so? Whether the Gross wages are to be restricted on Pay and DA? Are the establishments that are exempted under the EPF Scheme 1952 required to declare the EPF Wages? Can the EDLI wages be shown as 0 by the establishment exempted under the EDLI Scheme? In how much time the uploaded ECR will lapse if payment is not made?

ii) EPFO launching ECR 2 portal; Intimates Upgradation; No Remittances during 17 Dec. (6pm) to 20 Dec. 2016

EPFO is in the process of launching next version of ECR (v2) and hence it has intimated the employers about non-availability of existing ECR portal for remittances during the period from 17 Dec. 2016 (6pm) to 20 Dec. 2016 due to being under upgradation/ maintenance, as under:

EPFO Circular dt. 8 Dec. 2016

1. As you are aware, EPFO is in the process of launching next version of ECR in the month of December, 2016. The revised ECR is a part of the Unified Portal which has Online Registration of Establishments (OLRE) and Universal Account Number (UAN) as its other two components. This would provide a Unified Platform for employers & employees for various online services provided by EPFO. The relevant material (i.e. user manual, FAQs) for the guidance of field offices and employers has been uploaded on EPFO website

2. To launch this revised version, it has been decided that the remittances of statutory dues under EPF & MP Act, 1952 and the Schemes framed thereunder would be allowed through existing ECR portal upto 6.00 PM on 17.12.2016. To carry out the migration and switchover to the next version of ECR under Unified Portal, it has been decided that the ECR portal will not be available after 6.00 PM on 17.12.2016 till the launch of revised portal on 20.12.2016.

3. It is requested to inform the establishments about the non-availability of ECR portal for remittances during the above mentioned period and advise them to make the remittances for the wage month of November, 2016 through existing portal within the stipulated time i.e. by 15th December, 2016.

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