ED attaches Rs 10.2 Crore assets of Anil Parab (Sai Resort NX), Ratnagiri

In connection with an investigation into allegations of money laundering levelled against Anil Parab, Sai Resort NX, and others, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has provisionally attached assets totaling 10.20 crore rupees.

The assets that have been seized by ED are in the form of 42 Gunta Land, which is situated in Murud, Dapoli, Ratnagiri, and is estimated to be worth Rs 2.74 Crore. Additionally, the resort known as “Sai Resort NX,” which was constructed over the previously mentioned land, is estimated to be worth Rs 7.46 Crore.

ED attaches Rs 10.2 Crore assets of Anil Parab (Sai Resort NX), Ratnagiri

On the basis of a complaint lodged by the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change against Anil Dattatray Parab, M/s Sai Resort, M/s Sea Conch Resort, and others, before the Honorable Judicial Magistrate in Dapoli, for violation of various Sections of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, the ED has begun an investigation under PMLA. Another First Information Report (FIR) was filed against Anil Parab and the others by the Dapoli Police Station for misleading the Maharashtra State Government and causing it financial loss.

An investigation conducted by the ED under the PMLA revealed that Anil Parab, in collusion with Sadanand Kadam, obtained an illegal permission from the local SDO office for conversion of use of land (CLU) from agricultural to non-agricultural purposes and built a resort in violation of CRZ norms.

Anil Parab illegally obtained permission from the Revenue Department for the construction of a twin bungalow on a piece of land that was designated as CRZ-III, also known as a No Development Zone. After obtaining permission in such manner, Anil Parab illegally built “Sai Resort NX.”

In addition, Anil Parab forged Vibhas Sathe’s signature on the application that was submitted to the Revenue Department of the Government of Maharashtra in order to obtain the permission in the name of an earlier owner named Vibhas Sathe. This was done with the intention of Anil Parab concealing his identity as the owner, which he did deliberately. Anil Parab also purposefully concealed the fact that the aforementioned land is located within CRZ-III in front of the Gram Panchayat, and he exerted pressure on the Gram Panchayat to transfer the aforementioned land along with the building into his name, despite the fact that the initial sale deed made no mention of any construction whatsoever.

Besides, he has deceived the Gram Panchayat by submitting an application for taxation purposes before the overall construction of the building or resort had been finished.

It should be mentioned here that the payment for the construction of the Resort was purposefully made in cash and construction began before the registration of land in the name of Anil Parab (even though payments were made and land was in his physical possession), in order to hide the identity of the real owner of the building so that in the future, when the expenses made for the building construction and any violation comes to light, the onus could be shifted to Vibhas Sathe, the previous land owner.

When various complaints about the illegal construction of Sai Resort NX surfaced, Anil Parab sold the land on paper to Sadanand Kadam in order to conceal the illegalities and irregularities regarding the resort’s construction within the CRZ-III/No Development Zone. The ED is conducting additional investigations into the case.


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