Employers can e-Sign (Aadhaar based ) at Unified Portal, in addition to DSC: EPFO

EPFO has already provided a facility to Employers for approval of KYC, PMRPY registration and establishment registration through digital signatures at Unified Portal. Use of DSC requires many client side settings, such as Java installation and version control, browser setting, etc. and also some technical skills.

In view of feedback from many employers about difficulties in e-signing the documents using DSC, due to client side technical settings, leading to their failure to approve KYC, registering under PMRPY, etc. issues, the EPFO has now introduced the free Aadhaar based e-Sign in addition to DSC for use by the Employers at Unified Portal. Also EPFO has released a User Manual for ready reference of the Employers.

It is very easy to use in comparison to DSC. Authorised signatory of establishments whose DSC is already registered can directly activate their e-Sign by providing Aadhaar at Unified Portal. Authorised signatory whose DSC is not available at Unified Portal can register their eSign at Unified Portal and get it approved from concerned EPFO field office. Once authorized signatory is registered for e-Sign, he/she can sign documents by getting OTP on the mobile registered with Aadhaar.

EPFO’s Instruction Manual for Registration of e-Sign of Authorized Signatory of Establishment (V.1.0)


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