EPFO Relaxes instructions for mandatory use of UAN based PF Claim forms in certain cases

With introduction of Composite PF Claim Forms (Aadhar/ Non-Aadhar) by EPFO, applicable w.e.f. 20 Feb. 2017, the Claim Forms No. 19, 10C and 31 (including UAN Forms 19, 10C and 31) stands withdrawn. Further, now partial PF withdrawals shall be allowed based on Self Certification (instead of other documents/ certificates), using new Composite PF Claim Forms (Aadhar/ Non-Aadhar). For further details on latest applicable forms, please refer the link below:

Composite PF Claim Forms (Aadhar/ Non-Aadhar) introduced by EPFO

Pension Claim Form (Aadhar) introduced by EPFO to replace/ revise Form 10D (UAN)

Composite Claim Form (PF, EPS, EDLI) for Death cases notified by EPFO

Earlier, the EPFO, vide Circular dt. 13 July 2016, had made partial modification/ relaxation in the instructions for mandatory use of UAN based PF Claim forms in certain cases due to difficulties being faced by members, as under:

EPFO Circular dt. 13 July 2016

Ref.: Circular No. Coord./40(24)2010/DPG/Review meeting dated 17-12-2015 (Sl. No.551 in circulars of 2015-16 in EPFO website)

1. Reference is invited to the circular cited above wherein instructions were issued in para 2 of the cited reference that w.e.f. 1st January, 2016, no claim form was to be accepted unless Universal Account Number (UAN) was mentioned on the claim form.

2. Instances of difficulties being faced by members on account of the instructions have been brought to notice particularly in respect of members who had ceased to be in employment before 01.01.2014 given the fact that initially UAN was allotted only to members who were subscribers during January, 2014 to June, 2014. There could also be other cases and instances where insisting on the requirement of UAN with the claim form may cause undue hardship to the claimant.

3. The matter has been, accordingly, reconsidered and it has been decided to relax the instructions in partial modification of directions given in the referred circular as given below:-

i. Claim forms may be accepted without UAN if the date of leaving/exit of the member is before 01.01.2014.

ii. In exceptional cases, the officer-in-charge of the Regional/ Sub- Regional Offices may at their discretion based on the merits of the case allow acceptance of claim forms without UAN.

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