EPFO’s New Online Facility of Linking UAN with Aadhaar for Members

EPFO introduces a New Online Facility for Members to link their respective UAN with Aadhaar

The EPFO has introduced, on the Diwali 2017 eve, a new online facility for PF Members having Universal Account Number (UAN) to link their respective UAN with Aadhaar, for better/ speedy services.

The facility has been made available at EPFO’s website www.epfindia.gov.in >> Online Services >> e-KYC Portal>> LINK UAN AADHAAR

EPFO Members can link their respective UAN with Aadhaar, using this new online facility. To proceed, member concerned has to provide his/her UAN, followed with an OTP being sent to his/her mobile linked with UAN. After OTP verification, the member will have to provide his/ her Aadhaar Number. Another OTP will be sent to his/ her mobile/ email linked with Aadhaar. After OTP verification, if UAN details are matched with Aadhaar details, then UAN will be linked with Aadhaar. After linking, the EPFO member may avail online EPFO services linked with Aadhaar.

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