eShram Portal Enhanced for Unorganised Workers Registration

The Ministry of Labour and Employment’s eShram Portal serves as an important platform for unorganised workers in India, providing them with access to a variety of opportunities and benefits. As the government prioritises the welfare of these workers, new features and enhancements to the portal have been introduced, with the goal of simplifying the registration process and connecting workers to essential resources. This article provides an overview of the most recent enhancements to the eShram Portal, highlighting how these changes will benefit unorganised workers and contribute to their overall well-being.

eShram Portal Enhanced for Unorganised Workers Registration

Union Minister Unveils New eShram Portal Features

Shri Bhupender Yadav, Union Minister for Labour and Employment as well as Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, introduced new features to the eShram Portal on April 23, 2023. These updates were made public in the presence of Ms Arti Ahuja, Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment, and other senior Ministry officials. The improved eShram Portal aims to increase the platform’s overall utility and simplify the registration process for unorganised workers.

eShram Portal: Connecting Workers to Various Opportunities and Schemes

Through the portal, eShram registered employees can now access a variety of opportunities and schemes. Employment opportunities, skilling, apprenticeship, pension schemes, digital skilling, and state-specific schemes are among them. This enhancement makes it easier for unorganised workers to access a variety of resources and benefits.

New Features: Capturing Family Details and Sharing Data with BOCW Welfare Board

The ability to capture family details of migrant workers is one of the new features added to the eShram Portal. This information can be used to provide migrant workers who have relocated with their families with child education and women-centric programmes.

Furthermore, the portal now allows construction workers who register on eShram to share data with the relevant Building and Other Construction Workers’ (BOCW) Welfare Board. This feature ensures that eShram construction workers are registered with the appropriate BOCW board and have access to the appropriate schemes.

Data Sharing Portal: Collaboration with State and UT Governments

Shri Bhupender Yadav also launched the Data Sharing Portal (DSP), which allows state and union territory governments to share eShram beneficiary data. The DSP enables secure data sharing, enabling the targeted implementation of social security and welfare schemes for unorganised workers registered with eShram.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment recently began mapping different scheme data with eShram data in order to identify registrants who have yet to receive benefits from various programmes. This data is being shared with states and union territories, allowing them to prioritise providing benefits to unorganised workers who have not previously accessed social welfare and security schemes.

Ongoing Efforts: Commitment of the Ministry of Labour & Employment to Workers’ Welfare

The Ministry of Labour and Employment continues to work tirelessly for the well-being of Indian workers. As part of this effort, the eShram portal went live on August 26, 2021, with the goal of creating a comprehensive National Database of Unorganised Workers seeded with Aadhaar. Over 28.87 crore unorganised workers had registered on the eShram portal as of April 21, 2023, demonstrating the Ministry’s commitment to improving the lives of workers across the country.


The recent enhancements to the eShram Portal reflect the Ministry of Labour and Employment’s ongoing commitment to assisting unorganised workers across India. The portal is poised to play an even more significant role in connecting workers with essential opportunities and schemes by introducing new features that streamline registration, capture family details, and facilitate data sharing with relevant boards and governments. As more unorganised workers sign up for the eShram portal, it is clear that the platform is a valuable tool for promoting their welfare and ensuring access to resources that can improve their quality of life.

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