Exempted Establishments hold Filing of Online Returns till Unified Portal: EPFO

EPFO requests Exempted/ Relaxed Establishments to hold Filing of Online Returns pending implementation of Unified Portal; ECR to stop in Dec. 2016

EPFO has informed that due to development/ launching of the Unified Portal being in process, the functionality of filing of online returns by the Exempted/ Relaxed Establishments will be stopped in Dec. 2016 (currently integrated in the ECR Portal) and shall remain on hold for some time, for deployment of such functionality on the Unified Portal.

It may be noted that Exempted Return and its MIS Dashboard will not be available for some time till it is deployed on the Unified Portal, which is under development/ implementation. Once the return filing functionality for exempted/ relaxed establishments (maintaining private P.F. Trusts of their own) is deployed, they will have to file the returns for all such pending months.

In the existing scheme of filing of online returns by exempted/ relaxed establishments, filing of the return is allowed in a sequential manner. It implies that exempted/ relaxed establishments are not permitted to file online returns for a particular month till the same for the previous month has been filed.

Therefore once the ECR Portal is stopped; the exempted/ relaxed establishments will be required to keep the data ready for the months for which the same could not be filed for the reason of non-availability of the portal for filing online return.

EPFO Circular dt. 22 Dec. 2016 

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