FAQs for Candidates of ICAI’s Campus Placement Programme (August-September 2023)

To assist newly qualified Chartered Accountants in registering for the Campus Placement Programme in August-September 2023 at https://cmib.icai.org, the CMI&B has compiled answers to some frequently asked questions. These FAQs are based on queries received from newly qualified candidates (NQCAs).

FAQs for Candidates of ICAI's Campus Placement Programme (August-September 2023)

Campus Interview Process Steps:

i) Carefully review the General Guidelines provided in the Announcement.

ii) If you have any doubts, refer to the FAQs for clarification.

iii) Complete online registration for candidates at https://cmib.icai.org.

iv) Submit the required Undertaking in the Candidate Login section.

v) Pay the online fee of Rs 500 (inclusive of taxes) to obtain your Centre Code (e.g., DEL/KOL/MUM).

vi) Participate in the first round of online shortlisting by the companies.

vii) Provide online consent for the first round shortlisting.

viii) Participate in the second round of online shortlisting by the companies.

ix) Provide online consent for the second round shortlisting.

Eligibility related FAQs

Q1: What are the eligibility criteria for the Campus Placement Programme in August-September 2023?

A1: Candidates are eligible for the August-September 2023 Campus Placement Programme if they meet the following criteria:

i) They have cleared the final examination of the Chartered Accountancy Course (Completion of articleship).

ii) Those who completed their articleship by October 31, 2023, if they took the final exam in May 2023.

iii) Candidates who took the final exam in November 2022 and whose CA final results were declared after January 31, 2023, provided they complete their articleship between May 1, 2023, and October 31, 2023, and have not applied to a previous Campus Placement Program.

Q2: Is a candidate that has passed the CA final exam in May 2023, but has not completed their articleship by October 31, 2023, eligible for the Campus Placement Program in August-September 2023?

A2: If a candidate has passed the final examination in May 2023 but has not completed their articleship by the cut-off dates outlined in the Eligibility Guidelines, they are eligible to participate in the next Campus Placement Program in February-March 2024.

Q3: Can a candidate who passed the CA final exam in May 2023, and is under 21 years old making them ineligible for ICAI Membership, participate in the Campus Placement Program in August-September 2023?

A3: Candidates under 21 years old who have completed articleship training but are not eligible for ICAI Membership will need to seek special permission to attend Campus interviews. Requests can be sent via email to [email protected].

Online Registration Form related FAQs

Q1. How can eligible parties register for the Campus Placement Programme?

A1. Eligible individuals can register for the Campus Placement Programme online via https://cmib.icai.org.

Q2. Which candidates need to go through preliminary registration?

A2. Preliminary registration is strictly for Chartered Accountants who passed the CA Final Examination in November 2022, or those with a CA Final result verified after January 31st, 2023. Also, they must complete their articleship between May 1st, 2023, and October 31st, 2023, and have not applied for an earlier Campus Placement Programme.

Q3. How can a candidate select their centre online?

A3. To select a centre, prioritize the larger centres (e.g., Ahmedabad, Bangalore) as your initial pick, then choose a smaller one as your second option.

Q4. Can a candidate edit the registration form if it’s not completed at once?

A4. Certainly, the candidate can edit the form until it’s successfully submitted, and a centre code has been allocated.

Q5. What if a candidate mistakenly registered with the wrong email address?

A5. In such a case, the candidate can independently modify their email ID by signing in to the placement portal and going to the update profile section.

Q6. Will a candidate have new opportunities if not selected from their first choice centre?

A6. For unselected candidates, or those who decline an offer, their data will be associated with their second-choice centre. Additionally, they’ll be presented with four new opportunities to connect with a company at a smaller centre.

Q7. When is a candidate’s data merged with their second-choice centre?

A7. After the completion of the first round of interviews, a candidate’s datum is merged with the second-choice centre if he/she is not selected or rejects the job proposal.

Q8. After merging, will a candidate receive a new centre code?

A8. Yes, following the data merger, the candidate will get a new centre code and should print out their updated Photo-ID card and profile.

Q9. What are the chances for a qualified candidate who didn’t register for the programme?

A9. If an eligible candidate missed registration, he/she could only register for the subsequent campus placement programmes as a freshly certified chartered accountant.

Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) related FAQs

Will companies be presenting at the Campus Interview centers?

The PPTs are exclusively available to shortlisted candidates. They can be viewed upon logging in, as uploaded by the corresponding organizations that have shortlisted the candidates.

Group Discussion (GD) related FAQs

Q.1: How do I participate in the group discussion (GD)?

A.1: A link to join the Group Discussion (G.D) will be sent to your registered email by the interested organization 1-2 days before the interview.

Q.2: Where can I find details about the job profile, work location, CTC, minimum take-home salary, etc.?

A.2: Shortlisted candidates can find these details in online presentations provided by the participating companies. These presentations are accessible in your login area.

Shortlisting and Interview Process related FAQs

Q1: What is the shortlisting criteria used by the companies?

A1: The shortlisting criteria are set by the companies participating in the placement program. The ICAI does not get involved. Generally, companies consider factors like educational qualifications, number of attempts, additional attributes, and completion of Articleship training. If many candidates meet the criteria, a random selection might occur, not exceeding ten times the number of declared vacancies.

Candidates selected should be ready to join immediately and should not have pending Articleship training as it can hinder the success of the placement program.

Q2: Second round of shortlisting and its benefits for the candidates?

A2: Two rounds of online shortlisting occur at each center. If a company doesn’t receive sufficient consents after the first round, it can opt for a second. This round is limited to ten times the total vacancies.

Q3: What is the selection criteria for the second round of shortlisting?

A3: The criteria for the second round are:

i) After the first round, candidates express their consent online.

ii) The first consent date concludes, and companies can view and shortlist remaining candidates. This shortlist includes candidates who:

a) Haven’t been shortlisted

b) Have been shortlisted but haven’t consented

c) Gave consent to three or fewer companies

iii) Shortlisted candidates can then give their consent within a time limit.

Q4: What happens if a candidate doesn’t give consent after the first round? Can they consent to first-round companies after being shortlisted in the second round?

A4: Candidates should give consent before the deadline in each respective round. After getting shortlisted in the second round, they can only consent to companies that shortlisted them in that round—not the first. Essentially, first-round consent must be given during the first round, not the second.

Q5: Candidates must attend all interviews they’ve consented to?

A5: Yes, after giving consent to a company, attendance is mandatory until a candidate gets selected. Once selected, they can submit their acceptance and avoid further interviews.

Q6: Which companies will participate in the Campus Placement Programme?

A6: You can find the list of participating companies on the placement portal https://cmib.icai.org under ‘Latest News’.

Q7: What facilities does the Institute provide to candidates?

A7: ICAI provides the following facilities/support:

i) Interview Timing: Interviews will generally run from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

ii) Virtual Interviews: Interviewing is going to be done virtually on a platform convenient to the organization as per the ICAI roster.

iii) Interview Link: Links for attending will be emailed to candidates. Depending on governmental guidelines and feasibility, physical interviews may be arranged.

Q8: When will open interviews start on campus?

A8: There will be no Open Interviews.

Online Payment related FAQs

Q1: What happens if a candidate does not receive a Centre Code after making a payment of INR 500 (inclusive of tax) through credit/debit card?

A1: Upon successful registration for the Campus Placement Programme at https://cmib.icai.org, a Centre Code is immediately allotted to the candidate. If the Centre Code is not received, candidates should wait for 24 hours for the code and profile generation. If the Centre Code is still not generated, please make the payment again, as the online registration time is limited. Any extra payment will be refunded.

Q2: Will excess payment be refunded if made during the registration fee payment process?

A2: If a candidate makes multiple successful transactions during the registration fee payment for the Campus Placement Programme, the additional payment will be refunded to the candidate in November 2023.

Q3: Are credit and debit cards accepted for making the payment?

A3: Yes, any credit or debit card is acceptable.

Q4: Can cash payments be made instead of online payments?

A4: No, payments will only be accepted via credit or debit card.

Q5: What are the consequences if a candidate does not join the organization after signing the declaration?

A5: INR 5,000 will be charged as commitment fees if a candidate fails to join the organization after signing the declaration. The candidate may also be subject to disciplinary action by ICAI.

ICAI’s FAQs on Campus Placement Programme (August-September 2023)

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