Consolidated FAQs on Usage/ Login at V3 MCA Portal (New LLP Application)

MCA has issued a consolidated/ updated set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in relation to usage and login of new application (v3) of the MCA Portal for e-filing by the Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), which has gone live from 08/03/2022, to improve delivery of LLP services, i.e. all LLP filings shall be web based from 08/03/2022 and onwards.

Version 2 of the MCA portal was used to file various forms relating to Companies and LLPs. However, LLP Services have been discontinued on V2 portal and have been migrated to V3 portal. In other words only the LLP e-filing services are being upgraded and migrated to MCA V3 portal and all the other services/ forms will continue to exist/ filed at MCA V2 portal.

FAQs on MCA Portal V.3 (New LLP Application)

The V3 portal presently enables the following for LLP’s:

i) Login & user Registration;

ii) DSC Association; and

iii) LLP Form Filing.

To access both the versions of MCA Portal (i.e. V2 and V3), one has to Sign in/ up in the MCA portal only, where separate access is provided for LLP (V3) and Companies/ other filings (V2). Both V2 and V3 are now working seamlessly.

In V2 portal, forms are required to be filled and uploaded in the portal while in V3 the forms are to be filled online. This upgrade in V3 enables the users convenience, including the ability to save a half filled form and file it later.

Further, in V3 portal, there is a personalised “My Application” feature which allows one to view all the forms filed by them till date along with the status of the forms such as pending for DSC upload, Under Processing, Pay fees, Resubmission, etc., as against the V2 portal providing only a My Workspace, which has a list of notices from MCA and circulars issued by them.

Also when a user logs in to V3, the login is through the email id whereas in V2 it was possible with the user id. When a business user logs in to the MCA system, an OTP will be sent to user mobile and e mail address to ensure the authenticity.

Lastly, there is no difference is Associating DSC between V2 and V3.

MCA’s Consolidated/ Updated FAQs dt. 26/04/2022 on Usage and Login at V3 of the Portal (New LLP Application)

MCA’s FAQs dt. 20/03/2022 on V3 of the Portal (New LLP Application)

MCA’s FAQs dt. 30/03/2022 on V3 Logins at MCA Portal (New LLP Application)

MCA’s Revised FAQs dt. 18/04/2022 on V3 Logins at MCA Portal (New LLP Application)

These FAQs covers issues relating to Login Module, LLPs, LLP Forms/ Layouts, DSC, Payments (Types/ Modes)/ NTRP Portal/ Process/ Status Tracking, etc.

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