Pending Filing of Online PF Returns by Exempted Establishments: EPFO

Online Filing of PF Returns by Exempted Establishments

EPFO to take action against Exempted Establishments whose online PF Returns remain pending filing

The EPFO has launched new portal on 27 May 2017 for online filing of PF returns by exempted establishments within deadline of 15 June 2017. However, many such establishments have not complied. Consequentially, EPFO will initiate Inspections and Action (like cancellation of Registration, etc.) if such returns remin pending even after 25 July 2017.

Pending PF Returns (Exempted Establishments): EPFO Circular dt. 19 July 2017

Exempted Establishments can now file Online PF Returns using New Software: EPFO

EPFO has launched a new software on 27 May 2017 to streamline the monitoring and supervision of the performance of Exempted Trusts under EPF & MP Act, 1952 and various Schemes framed thereunder, in view of several shortcomings being pointed out by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour during review of the functioning thereof.

EPFO has advised all Exempted Trusts to submit the pending online returns from Oct. 2016 to April, 2017 latest by 15 June 2017.

EPFO will regularly monitor performance of all the exempted Trusts/ Establishments and ranks will be assigned/ published periodically at the website. The various items of data required by EPFO for filing new online PF returns are:-

i) Claims (Numbers) received during the month and settled with percentage of settlement.

ii) Date of transfer of contributions to the Trust.

iii) Investment of surplus funds in the securities/bonds as per pattern of investment within stipulated time (maximum 10 days from the date of receipt of contributions i.e. 15th of each month).

iv) Rate of interest declared for the previous financial year.

v) Date of filing returns online.

Further, the EPFO has provided sufficient space in the format for returns for feedback from the employers/ Trustees. Also EPFO has warned all exempted establishments that non filing of returns for 3 consecutive months shall result in cancellation of exemption granted to the establishment.

New Software for Online Returns by Exempted Establishments: EPFO Circular dt. 29 May 2017

EPFO requests Exempted/ Relaxed Establishments to hold Filing of Online Returns pending implementation of Unified Portal; ECR to stop in Dec. 2016

EPFO has informed that due to development/ launching of the Unified Portal being in process, the functionality of filing of online returns by the Exempted/ Relaxed Establishments will be stopped in Dec. 2016 (currently integrated in the ECR Portal) and shall remain on hold for some time, for deployment of such functionality on the Unified Portal.

It may be noted that Exempted Return and its MIS Dashboard will not be available for some time till it is deployed on the Unified Portal, which is under development/ implementation. Once the return filing functionality for exempted/ relaxed establishments (maintaining private P.F. Trusts of their own) is deployed, they will have to file the returns for all such pending months.

In the existing scheme of filing of online returns by exempted/ relaxed establishments, filing of the return is allowed in a sequential manner. It implies that exempted/ relaxed establishments are not permitted to file online returns for a particular month till the same for the previous month has been filed.

Therefore once the ECR Portal is stopped; the exempted/ relaxed establishments will be required to keep the data ready for the months for which the same could not be filed for the reason of non-availability of the portal for filing online return.

EPFO Circular dt. 22 Dec. 2016 

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