Functionality for Online Change in PF Member’s Name, DOB, Gender for Seeding Aadhaar with UAN

EPFO Introduces New Functionality for Members/ Subscribers to make Online Changes/ Corrections in their Name, DOB, Gender, etc. for Seeding Aadhaar with their UAN

In order to reduce paper work and time delays, the EPFO has introduced a new functionality on unified portal wherein a Member can give online request for Change/ Correction in Name, Date of Birth and Gender for seeding Aadhaar with UAN, in case there is any mismatch in UAN data and Aadhaar data.

It may be noted that as per existing provisions the Members are required to submit a joint request along with Employer to EPFO for making such changes/ corrections of mismatched details, which forces a lot of paper work and takes its own time to get the request processed.

New Functionality for Online Change in PF Member’s Name, DOB, etc.: EPFO Circular 21 Nov. 2017

Many references are being received that members are facing problems in seeding Aadhaar with UAN due to mismatch in Name, DOB or Gender in UAN data and UIDAI data.

Currently, if employee wants to correct his/ her basic details against UAN, employee and employer are required to submit a joint request to the concern EPFO Field Office for correction of above mentioned basic details of the employee. In order to reduce the paper work and time delay, a functionality has been developed where member can give online request to his/ her employer at Member’s Interface at the Unified Portal for correction in basic details.

While accepting request from Member, system will compare the requested change with similar fields recived from UIDAI (Aadhaar). After successful verification, the request will be automatically transferred to Employer’s Login for online transmission to EPFO Field Office. In turn, after getting online request from Member and Employer the EPFO Field Office will process the requested corrections.

EPFO’s Step by Step Process flow of New Functionality for making Online Request for Change/ Correction in Name, Date of Birth and Gender by Members/ Susbcribers

1. Member will login through his UAN/ Password on Member Interface of Unified Portal:

2. Click on “Manage>Modify Basic Details”

3. Please provide the correct details as per Aadhaar (System will verify the details entered with UIDAI- Aadhaar Data)

4. On clicking “Update Details” on previous screen, request will be submitted to employer for further approval. Before submission by employer, employee can withdraw the request by pressing “Delete Request”

5. Employer will login to Employer Interface of Unified Portal:

6. Employer can view the change requests submitted by employees by clicking on “Member>Details Change Request”

7. Employer can view the online requests received from employees and can thus take appropriate action by giving the proper remark

8. After approval of request, employer can see the latest status of request

9. After approval of request by employer, request will appear as a task in login of Dealing Hand, of concerned EPFO office, in the Field Office Interface of Unified Portal

10. Dealing Hand can login and view the online change requests by clicking “Member>Details Change Request”

11. After due verification Dealing Hand can submit his/ her recommendations to Section Supervisor. The Dealing Assistant can put the case either for Approval or Rejection by selecting the appropriate radio button i.e. Recommended for Approval or Recommended for Rejection with proper remarks. In the same manner Section Supervisor can submit his/her recommendations to APFC/RPFC.

12. Finally APFC/ RPFC can Approve/ Reject the case.

Please refer the above attachment for screenshots shared by the EPFO in the step by step guide.

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