Geocoding Functionality in GSTN: Streamlining Address Verification

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has recently launched an essential feature called geocoding for all States and Union Territories. Geocoding is a process that converts an address or location description into precise geographic coordinates. This functionality has been introduced by GSTN to ensure accurate address details in their records and streamline the address verification process.

Ensuring Accuracy and Standardization

To achieve accuracy and standardization, GSTN has successfully geocoded over 1.8 crore principal place of business addresses. Moreover, all new addresses registered since March 2022 are now automatically geocoded during the registration process. This proactive approach guarantees that address data is precise and standardized right from the beginning.

Geocoding Functionality in GSTN: Streamlining Address Verification

Accessing the Geocoding Functionality

Taxpayers can conveniently access the geocoding functionality through the Services/Registration tab in the FO portal. Let’s explore how this functionality can be utilized effectively.

1. Using the Functionality

When utilizing the geocoding functionality, the system will generate a geocoded address, which will be displayed for review. Taxpayers have the option to either accept the generated address or update it according to their requirements. In situations where the system-generated geocoded address is unavailable, taxpayers can directly input the correct geocoded address.

2. Viewing Geocoded Address Details

To view the geocoded address details, taxpayers can navigate to the “Place of Business” tab on the portal. After logging in, go to My Profile and select the “Place of Business” tab. Under the heading “Principal Geocoded,” taxpayers can find the saved geocoded address details. It is important to note that viewing the geocoded address does not modify the existing addresses on record.

3. One-time Activity

The geocoding link will no longer be visible on the portal once taxpayers have submitted their geocoding details. This process is a one-time activity and revisions to the address will not be allowed. Taxpayers who have already geocoded their address through new registration or core amendment will not see the geocoding functionality. It is worth mentioning that any changes to the address appearing on the registration certificate can only be made through the core amendment process. Additionally, the geocoding functionality does not impact previously saved address records.

Availability of the Geocoding Functionality

The geocoding functionality is available to various types of taxpayers, including normal, composition, SEZ units, SEZ developers, ISD and casual taxpayers. Regardless of their status (active, cancelled, or suspended), taxpayers can utilize this feature to enhance the accuracy of their address data.


The introduction of geocoding functionality in the GSTN has brought significant benefits to taxpayers. By geocoding principal place of business addresses, GSTN ensures the accuracy and standardization of address details in their records. Taxpayers can access and utilize this functionality through the FO portal, with the option to review and update the system-generated geocoded address. With the geocoded address details saved separately in the portal, taxpayers can easily view this information under the “Place of Business” tab. It is important to remember that geocoding is a one-time activity and revisions to the address are not allowed after submission. This functionality is available to a wide range of taxpayers, aiming to streamline the address verification process and improve data accuracy in the GSTN system.


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