GST Updates on Twitter (dt. 21 Dec. 2017) by GSTN (Zero-rated Supply/ RFD-01A)

GST Updates on Twitter (dt. 21 Dec. 2017) by GSTN relating to Zero-rated Supply/ RFD-01A

GSTN has shared 3 FAQs on Twitter on 21 Dec. 2017 about Zero-rated Supply Turnover, saving/ tracking of application RFD-1A for refund, in relation to refund of ITC paid on export of Goods and Services without payment of Integrated Tax, as under:

Q1. What is Zero-rated Supply Turnover ? 

A. Zero-rated Supply Turnover is the value of total supplies made on account of exports out of India including export to SEZ for the month or period for which refund of ITC has been sought for. This is the value of supplies for the tax period made for export to a country outside India or to a SEZ by the taxpayer as mentioned in his GSTR-3B.

Q2. How can I track the status of application RFD-1A for refund? 

A. To track your submitted application RFD-1A, navigate to Services < Refunds > Track Application Status command.

Q3. Can I save the application RFD-1A for refund? 

A. Application RFD-1A for refund can be saved at any stage of completion for a maximum time period of 15 days. If the same is not submitted within 15 days, the saved draft will be purged from the GST database.

NOTE: To view your saved application, navigate to Services < Refunds > My Saved/Submitted Application command.

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