GSTN Explains Refund Related Issues at GST Portal: GST Updates on Twitter (dt. 16~19 Feb. 2018)

GSTN Explains Refund Applications Related Issues at GST Portal: GST Updates on Twitter (dt. 16~19 Feb. 2018)

GSTN has explained about Refunds on GST Portal, thru tweets from 16 Feb. to 19 Feb. 2018, including on issues like  i) when debit entry for refund is made in Electronic Credit ledger, ii) Making changes in refund application, iii) Tracking of Refund Application filed, iv) SAVE Function of the Refund Application, etc., as under:

A. GSTN tweet dt. 19 Feb. 2018 on “when the debit entry of refund amount claimed is made in the Electronic Credit Ledger due to inverted duty structure? 

A debit entry shall be made in the Electronic Credit Ledger for the amount claimed as Refund after ARN is generated on submission of the refund application.

B. GSTN Tweet dt. 18 Feb. 2018 on Making Changes in Refund Application filed on GST Portal:

In case you are unable to make any changes in the refund application? What could be the issue? It may be noted that after clicking on ‘Proceed’ button no changes can be made in the ‘refund application’.

C. Tweet dt. 17 Feb. 2018 on ” Where to track refund application filed on GST Portal”? 

Filed applications (ARNs) can be downloaded as PDF documents using the My Saved / Submitted Applications option under Refunds. Filed applications can be tracked using the Track Application Status option under Refunds.

D. Tweet dt. 16 Feb. 2018 on “What is the ‘SAVE’ feature in refund application”?

The refund application must be saved before filing. The system will flash a confirmation message when saving the application for the first time. The system displays a confirmation message upon saving the application. Application can be saved at any stage and can be retrieved using the ‘My Saved / Submitted Applications’ option under Refunds. Saved applications are stored in the system for 15 days, after which they get automatically deleted. Saving the application activates the Declaration checkbox.

For more information on the above/ other refund related issues, please visit Tutorials Section at GST Portal.

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