GSTN’s Webinar on E-way Bill System (Hindi) by Pankaj Arora, Supdt. CBEC

GSTN’s Webinar on Overview of E-way Bill System (Hindi) by Pankaj Arora, Supdt. CBEC

GSTN has organised a Webinar on ‘Overview of E-way Bill System’ in Hindi language conducted by Pankaj Arora, Supdt. CBEC, on 22 Jan. 2018, covering aspects, like objectives, benefits, related legal provisions, etc. and has shared the official video thereof, as under:

i) Objective of E Way Bill;

ii) Benefits of E Way Bill System;

iii) Legal provisions and Exemptions from E Way Bill;

iv) E Way Bill portal, main features;

v) How to register for E Way Bill;

vi) Modes of generation of E Way Bill, modification and cancellation of E Way Bill;

vii) Extension of validity of E Way Bill;

viii) Verification of E Way Bill;

ix) Demonstration;

x) Q&A, etc.


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