How to verify registration / charge creation details of Company / LLP with ROC ?

In view of digitization of ROC portal under the MCA21 project, nowadays its very easy and handy to access most of the information about the Companies / LLPs without visiting the ROC/ MCA Office for Inspection. At MCA portal we can easily check registered name of the Company / LLP, CIN, Mater Data of the Company / LLP, Details of Authorised Signatories, Index of Charges, etc. Further more all this information is available free of cost and is just a few clicks away.

To start with any information requirements about a company / LLP, basically we need to know name of the company or CIN, LLPIN, etc. identification numbers thereof.

a) How to verify registered name or CIN / LLPIN of a Company / LLP

We can verify at ROC website, the information relating to CIN / LLPIN, name of Company / LLP, State / date of registration, etc., from the link below:

Verifying registered name or CIN / LLPIN of a Company / LLP

Search CIN of a Company / LLP

b) How to search Company / LLP Master Data available with the ROC

Option to check Master Data provides good amount of basic information about any company / LLP. Please visit the link below:

Verifying Master Data of a Company / LLP

Master data normally consists of information on name / registration number / roc code, category / class, authorised / paid up capital, date of incorporation, address, AGM, last balance sheet date, charges, authorised signatories, etc. of the company. Also, Master data contains information of prosecution, if any, going on with the Company / LLP, which is based on intimations received from the respective Courts.

c) How to verify Charges created against Assets of the Company / LLP

The information relating to mortgage, hypothecation or creation of any other charge against its assets, by the Company, for soliciting secured loans  or furnishing guarantees is mostly available with the ROC portal if the same has been submitted in due course. Lenders are more interested to verify not only creation of charge in their favour but also to see existing charges with ROC records to ascertain viability / credibility of the financial proposals of the company. Such charges may be verified visiting the link below:

Verifying details of Charge(s) Creation or Index of Charges

d) How to verify the details of authorised signatory for a company / LLP

It’s always wise to check before accepting documents / offers from any company, that the same are signed by authorised signatories on record ROC by visiting link below:

Verifying Signatory details

The options, as narrated above, to verify company / LLP details offered by the MCA are definitely a great support for the stakeholders in view of timely and real time availability of genuine and authentic official information free of cost.

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