HVAT Extends Due Date for Q4 VAT Return (March 2016) for Affected Dealers

Due Date for Q4 VAT Return (March 2016) extended by Haryana VAT Deptt. for Affected Dealers

The HVAT Deptt has extended the Due Date for Q4 VAT Return (March 2016) upto 31 July 2016 for the dealers affected due to reservation agitations in the state in Feb 2016 subject to their having filed compensation claim in due course.

The HVAT Deptt has, vide Order dt. 18th April, 2016, while recognising that the circumstances exist for extension of period prescribed for furnishing of online quarterly returns by those registered dealers who have been affected during the reservation agitation in the State in February, 2016, extended the due date upto 31.07.2016 by the affected registered dealers who have already lodged their valid claim for compensation within the prescribed period before the appropriate authority designated by the State Government for the purpose, i.e. only affected dealers those who have filed compensation claims can avail this extended period for filing of return for Q4 (March 2016).

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