ICAI Discontinues Post Qualification Courses (MAC, TMC, CMC, ITL & WTO)

ICAI Decision for Discontinuation of some of the Post Qualification Courses (MAC, TMC, CMC, ITL & WTO) for Members; those already registered will get two chances to complete.

The ICAI conducts post qualification courses for members, including the following:

i) Management Accountancy Course (MAC);

ii) Tax Management Course (TMC);

iii) Corporate Management Course (CMC); and

iv) International Tax Laws and World Trade Organisation Course (ITL & WTO).

Examinations in respect of the above-mentioned post qualification courses (PQCs) for members are held once in a year, normally in the month of November.

However, ICAI has decided to discontinue the above mentioned post qualification courses for members along with respective examinations. For the benefit of those who are already registered for these courses, two more examinations will be held, i.e. in November 2017 and in November 2018.

Members those who are registered for the above-mentioned courses should take note of the above decision of ICAI and should attempt to complete within the remaining two exams to be conducted for the purpose.

ICAI Announcement dt. 25 Apr. 2017


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