ICAI Doubles Articleship Stipend Rates for CA Students in 2023

ICAI has finally revised/ doubled the Stipend Rates for CA Students’ Articleship vide Clause 22 of the Notification dated 21st June 2023 on the Chartered Accountants (Amendment) Regulations 2023 amending CA Regulation 48(1).

Earlier ICAI has issued draft of the CA 2nd Amendment Regulations 2022, whereby it is proposed to revise/ modify the CA Regulation 48(1) to ‘double the stipend rates’ during Articleship for CA Students.

ICAI Doubles Articleship Stipend Rates for CA Students in 2023

Revised Minimum Stipend Rates (based on Classification of Cities/ Towns) under CA Regulation 48(1)

The revised stipend rates for CA Articles, after necessary Notification of the amendments in CA Regulation 48(1) are as under:

Classification of the Normal Place of Service of the Article AssistantsMonthly Staipend During Training (Rs)
First YearSecond YearThird Year
A. Cities/ Towns having Population 20 Lac and above4,0005,0006,000
B. Cities/ Towns having Population 5 Lac and above but below 20 lac3,0004,0005,000
C. Cities/ Towns having Population below 5 lac2,0003,0004,000

ICAI Notification dated 21/06/2023: The Chartered Accountants (Amendment) Regulations 2023

ICAI Notification dated 02/06/2022: The Chartered Accountants (2nd Amendment) Regulations 2022 (Draft)

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