ICAI Group to Protect CAs from being made ‘Soft Target’ by Authorities

ICAI has decided, after due deliberations, to form a Group comprising of certain members from the CA profession, which shall act as an interface with the Investigation Authorities, to protect and ensure that CAs are not made ‘soft target’ and that they get ‘just and fair’ treatment during the course of any investigation and to avoid tricky arrests of CAs instead of taking strong action against the actual perpetrators (concerned unscrupulous tax payers/ officials).

The Council of ICAI discussed the arrest of two Gurugram CAs followed with ill-treatment by GST officers of Gurugram on 20/05/2022 and expressed its strong resentment. It also apprised the members’ feelings and resolved to form a members’ group to ensure a just and fair trial in such cases of frauds instead of directly resorting to tricky arrest of CAs.

ICAI Group against CAs being made 'Soft Targets' by Authorities

However, ICAI is yet to share the information on the constituents of the Group and the functioning thereof in the public domain. Most of the Members are looking for instant remedy instead of postponing the action against the unscrupulous officials deliberately targeting against the CA professionals.

It’s high time for the ICAI to wake up and take requisite steps to safeguard the members from being made ‘soft targets’ by various authorities, whereas the real master minds and profiteers behind the scene remain safe and roam freely.

Whatever happened in Gurugram is really very scary. CAs were arrested despite the fact that they have performed their professional duties in due course, before GST certification work. It is advisable that the GST Department can perform the detective job by itself, if so desired, before issuing the refunds, instead of later on passing the buck to CAs.

ICAI has demonstrated it’s solidarity with two aggrieved Members from Gurugram, it’s good and being appreciated. However, so far there is no official statement available in the public domain, i.e. on the ICAI website, as to what has actually happened? For public support and information, it is desirable to share all the facts and figures of these happenings.

Also, the ICAI should ensure that all departments/ authorities seeking CA certificate should first issue the detailed specific instructions and scope of work beforehand and ICAI should also provide updated Guidelines thereon at periodical intervals.

In the above write-up Author has not tried to make responsible any Businessmen, Corporate, Ministry/ Authority of GOI/ SGs, Officials of Tax Departments or Other Regulators, as the ICAI or it’s Members (THE SCAPE GOAT) only are considered solely responsible for anything and everything which has gone wrong against expectations of anyone of the above. Only hope is the judiciary.. which can set the things right.

And.. dear ICAI Members… be careful when you next hear the narrative that ‘Chartered Accountants are Partners in the Nation Building’…. !! JAI HIND !!

CBIC Tweet/ Update dt. 23/05/2022

Smt. Sitharaman held a meeting with the ICAI delegation, led by ICAI Vice President CA Shri Aniket Sunil Talati. The MoF had invited the ICAI delegation on Saturday to discuss various issues, including ongoing investigations by the CGST Gurugram into alleged role of their members in fraudulent GST refunds.

The representatives of ICAI were informed of the suspension of a Deputy Commissioner of GST on 22/05/2022 and a superintendent on 21/05/2022 itself. Smt Sitharaman was appreciative of the steps taken by the ICAI on engagement with stakeholders.

The ICAI representatives informed Smt Sitharaman that they’ll continue to use recently enacted ‘CA, CWA and CS Act’ for the inculcation of professional discipline & integrity among its members.

CBIC Chairman Shri Vivek Johri was also present during the meeting.


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