ICAI Mandates Annual Filing of ‘Know Your Member (KYM)’ Form

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has introduced the “Know Your Member (KYM)” Form, which must be submitted annually by all active members via the Self-Service Portal (SSP).

ICAI KYM is a newly developed Form wherein each member is required to provide certain online information on an annual basis through the Self Service Portal login.

Details required by ICAI in KYM

Members are required to verify the following details and to update, if there is any change:

i) Permanent address;

ii) Professional address;

iii) Current Photograph;

iv) Permanent Account Number (PAN);


vi) Designation in Employment (if applicable);

vii) Self-employment details (those who are neither in practice nor in employment);

viii) Directorship details;

ix) Pending cases with Professional Bodies or any Court or Authority; and

x) Declaration for its correctness and Section 8 compliance.

Also, the Members are required to submit the requisite documentary proofs in support of the above information or changes, as may be required in the KYM.

ICAI Mandates Annual Filing of 'Know Your Member (KYM)' Form

Process to submit KYM

To submit the KYM Form, follow these steps:

i) Log in to the Self-Service Portal.

ii) Navigate to Member Functions, then click on KYM Form. Alternately select the option (Pending / Submitted / Ask for Correction) and then click on KYM Form.

If you encounter any issues, please reach out to cromemfee@icai.in or call ICAI’s support helpline at 9997599975.

FAQs on ‘Know Your Member (KYM)’ Form

ICAI has released a set of FAQs to provide clarity on the process and requirements of the KYM form, as under:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding ICAI’s Annual KYM requirements (dt. 23/03/2023)

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