ICAI Rules on condonation of delay: Submission of Registration Forms (Articles/ Firms)

The ICAI has notified Rules relating to requirement of submission of documents as may be applicable for condonation of delay in submission of various Forms for ‘registration/ completion of articles/ supplementary articles, registration of firms, etc.’ under CA Regulations 1988, as under:

Documents to be submitted to ICAI in case of delay in submission certain Forms
Sr. No. Description Period of Delay Documents to be submitted for Verification by ICAI
1 Submission of form 103 for Registration of articles (Regulation 46(2)/69(2), 46(3)) Beyond 30 days and upto one year (i) Original deed of agreement executed in form 102 (ii) Work diary / attendance record (iii) Stipend proof (Pass Book/Bank Statement)
2 Submission of form 107 for Registration of supplementary articles (Regulation 50 / 71) Beyond 60 days and upto 6 months (i) original agreement executed in form 107 supplementary deed (ii) work diary / attendance record
 -do- Beyond 6 months condonation of delay cannot be condoned Above (i), (ii) and (iii) Stipend proof (Pass Book/Bank Statement)
3 Submission of form 108 for completion of articles (Regulation 61 / 75) Beyond 30 days and upto 3 years No documents required
 -do- Beyond 3 years Either (i) Work Diary, or (ii)Stipend Proof (Pass Book/Bank Statement), or (iii) Attendance proof, or (iv) Details of work done.
4 Submission of form 18 for Registration of Firm (regulation 190(4) (7) Beyond 6 months For delay beyond 6 months the condonation will be on case to case basis. Documents required are (i) Certified copy of original partnership Deed; (ii) Self Declaration by all the partners in the approved format; (iii) Income-tax return filed by the firm along with Profit and Loss A/c, Balance Sheet of the firm certified by an Chartered Accountant.

ICAI Announcement dt. 10 Jan. 2017 Rules Reg. Condonation of Delay

ICAI’s Amnesty Scheme for Students/ Articles for Condonation of Breach of CA Regulation 65 and 78 regarding Non submission of Form 112 by for pursuing other courses; provided there was no clash/ overlapping between working hours of Principal’s office and the College timings

The ICAI has decided to launch an Amnesty Scheme for the Students/ Articles to condone the delay in submission of Form 112 for having pursued additional/ other course of study along with articleship through correspondence mode of study or by attending regular classes provided there was no clash/ overlapping between working hours of Principal’s office and the College timings. ICAI has decided to take a liberal view of the lapse on the part of the students concerned as an amnesty measure on payment of Rs. 5,000/- as condonation fee. This concession will be available for a period of nine months from the date of issue of this announcement.

ICAI Announcement dt. 10 Feb. 2017

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