ICAI’s FAQs/ MCQs on GST (Updated Sept. 2018)

ICAI’s Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on GST (Revised/ Updated Edition: Sept. 2018)

The ICAI has released a booklet containing FAQs and MCQs on GST (Revised/ Updated Edition: Sept. 2018). This novel publication of ICAI provides a comprehensive coverage of GST in easy to understand question answer format and written in lucid language which would facilitate the reader to easily comprehend the emerging GST law.

ICAI’s compilation of FAQs/ MCQs on GST covers a wide range of topics related to GST laws (CGST, UTGST/ SGST, IGST, Compensation Cess, etc.), i.e. relating to Levy and Collection of Tax, Classification and Exemption, Time and Value of Supply, Input Tax Credit, Registration, Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes, Accounts and Records, Returns, Payment of Tax, Refunds, Assessment, Audit, Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest, Demands and Recovery, Liability to Pay in Certain Cases, Advance Ruling, Appeals and Revision, Offences and Penalties, Transitional Provisions, zero rated supply, e-way bill, etc.

ICAI’s FAQs/ MCQs on GST (Updated Sept. 2018)

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