ICAI’s Handbook on Best Practices for Registered Valuers

ICAI Registered Valuers Organisation (ICAI RVO) in collaboration with the Valuation Standards Board (VSB) of ICAI has brought out the publication “Handbook on Best Practices for Registered Valuers”, to enhance uniformity, credibility and to drive professional ethics in the profession of Valuation.

This handbook is a treasury of best practices like fundamental ethical principles, Learnings from Peer Review findings, Learning from Judicial Pronouncements, Do’s and Don’ts at the time of acceptance of assignment, undertaking the process of valuation as well as Issuance of Valuation Report that can be adopted during valuation engagement by the Registered Valuers.

This handbook also captures Global Practices, and it aims to serve as a reference point for guidance and help of the Registered Valuers, industries, and other stakeholders.

Handbook on Best Practices for Registered Valuers: ICAI Announcement dt. 10/01/2022

Calendar of Trigger dates of Valuation under Various Laws: ICAI Announcement dt. 10/01/2022

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