ICAI’s Next Online Practical Training (PT) Assessment Tests on 3 Feb. 2019: FAQs, Registration

ICAI’s Next Online Practical Training (PT) Assessment Tests during Articleship of CA Students on 3 Feb. 2019: FAQs, Registration

ICAI has introduced assessment tests, during practical training/ ca articeship, having two levels, i.e. another framework for testing skills of students. The First and second level of tests are applicable for students completing their first and second year of practical training on or after 1 April, 2018, respectively.

Important: The Next PT Assessment Test for Level 1 and 2 is scheduled by ICAI on 3 Feb. 2019. Online Application Form can be submitted from 14th January, 2019 (5.00 PM onwards) and Last Date is 21st January, 2019.

Registration for ICAI’s Next Practical Training (PT)/ Articleship Assessment Tests scheduled for 3 Feb. 2019

ICAI has scheduled next ‘Online Practical Training (PT) Assessment Tests’ on 30 Dec. 2018 to assess the ca students, who have completed their first and second year of practical training/ articleship during April to June 2018, July to Sept. 2018 or Oct. to Dec. 2018  (i.e. 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of 2018), with MCQ based online tests.

ICAI announcement dt. 11 Jan. 2019

The next practical training assessment test is being scheduled on February 3, 2018. The students who have completed their 1st/ 2nd year of practical training during the second, third and fourth quarter of 2018, i.e. April-June, 2018, July-September, 2018 and October-December, 2018 are eligible to appear in this test.

The students who have already appeared in the Practical training tests during 2018 and wish to improve their performance/ grade can re-appear on, February 3, 2019. In such case, the best of the grade will be given in the mark-sheet. Similarly, the students who have registered for the earlier test(s) but could not appear due to some reason, can also register for February 3, 2019. The registration for this test will open on January 14, 2019 (Monday) at 5.00 pm and close on January 21, 2019 (Monday). 

Students may register for the test during the above-mentioned time period through the registration portal https://pttest.icai.org/ by selecting their preferences for test location. Students who wish to reappear may also register by selecting the test location and submitting a fee of Rs.200 online. Selecting a test location will not imply confirmation for that location. Student may be assigned any location out of the two selected locations depending on the number of candidates in that region for the test date. However, preference will be given to the selected location.

For any issues/ queries related to registration, students may contact the Help Desk mentioned on the portal. Students are advised to register for the tests well in time to avoid last minute hassles. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are also available on the Institute website at the link https://resource.cdn.icai.org/50659bosfaqapt.pdf

ICAI Clarification on ‘Date of Completion of First/ Second year of Practical Training’ for Assessment Test

ICAI has clarified that for the purpose of Practical Training Assessment test, the first/ second year completion date would be calculated as one year/ two years after the date of commencement of practical training, irrespective of excess leaves.

Suppose a student commenced practical training on 1 July 2017 and has taken leaves from 1 January 2018 to 1 February 2018, his/ her first year completion date for the purpose of assessment test would still be considered as 30 June 2018 and for second year completion date would be 30 June 2019, irrespective of the excess leaves availed by the Student.

However, in case of termination/ transfer, the time gap during transfer from one principal to another principal will not be included in calculating completion of first/ second year of practical training.

Suppose a student commenced practical training on 1 July 2017 and takes transfer on 1 January 2018 and then joined new Principal on 1 February 2018, his/ her first year completion date for the purpose of assessment test would be extended to 31 July 2018 and second year completion date as 31 July 2019, unlike in the case of excess leaves.

ICAI Clarification dt. 20 Aug. 2018

ICAI’s FAQs on Assessment Test during Practical Training

ICAI has issued a set of 40 FAQs on Assessment Tests/ PT Tests, as under:

ICAI’s 40 FAQs on Assessment/ PT Test during Practical Training

1. What is the ICAI criteria for appearing in assessment tests during practical training?

Students who have completed their first or second year of practical are eligible for appearing in the assessment tests, in the subsequent three quarters of completion of the same. For example, a student completing his/ her 1st/ 2nd year of practical training during April‐June, 2018 will be supposed to appear in the respective test till March, 2019. However, if they clear their CA Final examination before the same, they will be allowed to appear in this test only till the announcement of result for the same as they will be getting the final grade in that marksheet itself.

2. What is the syllabus for assessment tests during training?

Assessment tests have been introduced basically to assess the knowledge of students which has been gained during practical training. Also, the test can find out their ability to apply the subject specific skills gained during training. Accordingly, there is no defined syllabus for the assessment tests. However, the fields in which practical training is being imparted have already been identified/ on record.

3. Whether all the modules will be compulsory for Assessment Test? If no, then what are the available options?

Two modules, i.e. Accounting and Auditing (including Corporate Laws), will be compulsory whereas students will have to choose one/ two modules out of the available options for the first/ second level of assessment test respectively, as per their specialization areas during practical training. The available options are:

Sl.First YearSecond Year
1.Direct TaxDirect Tax including International Taxation
2.Indirect TaxIndirect Tax
3.Internal AuditInternal Audit

In other words, in the first and second level test, Accounting and Auditing (including Corporate Laws) of 50 marks will be compulsory. In the first level students would be selecting one optional module (comprising of 25 marks) out of Direct Tax, Indirect Tax and Internal Audit, as per their practical training specialisation area, whereas in second levele test students would be selecting two optional modules (comprising of 25 marks each) out of Direct Tax (including International Taxation), Indirect Tax and Internal Audit, as per their practical training specialisation areas.

4. What is the duration and maximum marks of the 1st and 2nd level test?

For first level test the duration is 2 hours and maximum marks are 75 marks, whereas for second level test the duration is 3 hours and maximum marks are 100 marks.

In first level test, 50 questions will be asked from the compulsory module, i.e. Accounting and Auditing (including Corporate Laws) and 25 questions from the selected optional module. Each question will carry one mark.

In second level test, 40 questions (30 questions carrying one mark and 10 questions carrying 2 marks) will be asked from the compulsory module, i.e. Accounting and Auditing (including Corporate Laws) and 20 questions (15 questions carrying one mark and 5 questions carrying 2 marks) from each selected optional module. In effect, compulsory module will carry a weightage of 50 marks and each optional module will have 25 marks weightage.

5. What is the purpose behind conducting the assessment tests? 

These tests will help students to self-assess themselves and know as to what they have learnt during their training.

6. Are the assessment test Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based or subjective? 

Both the first and second level of assessment test shall be MCQ based.

7. Will the assessment tests be conducted through online mode or pen-paper mode? 

These tests will be conducted through online mode only at the designated centres.

8. What is the fee for appearing in the first or second level of assessment tests? 

Candidates are not required to pay any fee when they apply first time for the assessment test. However, for appearing on subsequent occasions for second or third time for improvement in the grade, candidates are be required to pay a nominal fee of Rs.200 through online mode, for each re-registration.

9. Where can I register for assessment tests? 

For registration to these tests, the student has to login on https://pttest.icai.org/. The announcement regarding the registrations will be given in Board of Studies Announcements on the Institute website as well as the portal itself.

10. I have completed the practical training recently. Am I required to appear for any of these tests? 

Since you have completed the practical training, you are not required to appear for any of these tests. It may be noted that assessment tests are applicable in the case of students completing their first or second year of training during 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2018 quarter or subsequent quarters, however students those who have completed their full training then these test are not applicable.

11. I have completed second year of practical training before April 1, 2018. Am I required to appear for any of these tests? 

Since you have completed second year of practical training before April 1, 2018, you are not required to appear for any of these tests.

12. I have completed first year of practical training before April 1, 2018. Am I required to appear for first level test? 

Since you have completed first year of practical training before April 1, 2018, you are not required to appear for first level test. However, you will be required to appear for second level test after completion of second year of practical training.

13. I will be completing first/ second year of practical training during July-September, 2018. When will I be required to appear for the test? 

Since you will be completing first/ second year of practical training during July-September, 2018 quarter, you will be required to appear in the test within next 3 quarters, i.e. 3 quarters beginning from October-December, 2018 quarter.

14. If I will not be able to appear for the test in the designated quarter, will I be allowed to appear in the next quarter? 

Normally the assessment test has to be attempted in the next quarter from the quarter in which completion of first/ second year of training takes place. However, in certain circumstances, ICAI may permit extension for one more quarter, i.e. in such cases students will get 6 months from the end of quarter in which first or second year of training has competed.

15. In case someone fails to appear in the first/ second level of assessment tests, what will be the consequences? 

In such a case, mark-sheet of the student will show ”Not Appeared” against practical training assessment for that particular level.

16. Assessment tests are conducted at which locations/ centers? 

The assessment tests will be conducted at 160+ cities across the country. The test centres will be notified on the registration portal. The students can opt for test centre while registering for the test.

17. Can the assessment tests be submitted online from home/ office? 

The assessment tests cannot be submitted online from home/ office, as the students have to appear in person at  the designated test centres only.

18. When the results of assessment tests be declared? 

The result of the assessment tests will be notified to the students on their login, within a week from the date of assessment test.

19. How to prepare for the first or second level of assessment tests? 

In fact, students are required to take their practical training seriously as the application of concepts will be tested in these assessments. The modules have also been mentioned above. Sample questions for practice have been uploaded in BoS Knowledge Portal on the Institute website at the link: https://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=14836. More questions will be uploaded on the BoS Knowledge Portal for practice purposes in due course.

20. Will there be any negative marking in the assessment tests? 

There is no negative marking in these tests.

21. What if someone has registered for practical training in City A and deputed to work in City B for audit purpose… Where to appear/ register for the assessment test? 

One can appear for the assessment test anywhere at designated centers and can select the test center preference accordingly, while registering.

22. Under my principal, I am working in X field, say Accounting/ Auditing/ Taxation etc. and I am not in touch with other fields practically. But in the test, students have to attempt questions in 3 or 4 modules. How will I be getting the practical knowledge in all the subjects for appearing in the test? 

To cater to this issue only, optional modules have been introduced. You may opt for any 1/2 modules from the choices available. Accounting and Auditing are considered the key subjects in CA curriculum which every aspiring Chartered Accountant should know thoroughly.

23. I had taken a break in my articleship training due to which, first/ second year of my training has completed after April 1, 2018. Am I required to appear for these tests? 

Since effectively your first/ second year of practical training has completed after April 1, 2018, you are required to appear for both/ second level test(s) respectively.

24. Is it required to appear in this PT test before CA Final Exam? 

These tests are not an eligibility criterion for appearing in CA Final examination. A student has to appear in these tests based on his/her completion date of first/ second year of practical training, irrespective of his/her CA Final attempt. Students are however, advised to appear in these tests before their CA Final attempt as the grade will be included in their Final marksheet. However, if a student does not appear in these tests and clears CA Final examination, “Not Appeared” will be mentioned in the marksheet against that field.

25. I have not cleared Intermediate level examination and I am in second year of Articleship training. Will I be tested for Final level syllabus? 

These tests are not having any pre-defined syllabus. The questions will be based on the understanding gathered during the practical training only.

26. If I am not satisfied with the grade I received, will I be allowed to re-appear in the test? If after re-appearing in the test, I get even lower grade, will the first grade be mentioned in the marksheet or the later one?  

If you are not satisfied with your grade, you will be given two more chances to re-appear in the test. A nominal fee will be charged for every extra attempt. The best grade will be considered for inclusion in the marksheet. The better of the two grades will be mentioned in the marksheet.

27. Where should I contact in case of any queries/ clarifications required?

For queries/ clarifications, you may call Board of Studies at 0120-3876870/ 3045927 or mail to PTassessment@icai.in or create a support ticket on the Helpdesk mentioned on the portal for technical queries.

Structure of ICAI’s Practical Training Assessment Test

In the Practical Training Assessment Test, two subject (i.e. Accounting and Auditing including Corporate Laws) will be mandatory for both first and second levels,

Student has to select one out of the three optional module for 1st level test related to their practical training specialisation area. For 2nd level, student has to select two modules out of the three optional modules related to their practical training specialisation area.

For details of the modules, number of questions and marks bifurcation for 1st and 2nd level of test, please refer the attachment below:

Structure of Practical Training Assessment Test (ICAI Announcement dt. 1 Sept. 2018)

In effect, 1st level test will have 75 questions of 1 mark each. Whereas 2nd level exam will have 80 questions out of which 60 questions will be of 1 mark each and 20 questions will be of 2 marks each.

Grading System

Students appearing for practical training assessemnt test during articleship will be assigned grades by the ICAI, based on their performance/ marks as below:

1. Grade A: 80% and above

2. Grade B: 60% and above but below 80%

3. Grade C: 40% and above but below 60%

4. Grade D: Below 40%

Declaration of result

The result will be available on https://pttest.icai.org/ portal only. Candidates are advised in their own interest to print the same for their record. No separate statement of grades will be issued.

Examination Cities/ Centres

Exam Cities/ Centers for Assessment Test


  1. Kajol Singh
  2. Harshini
    • Nilesh
  3. Rajesh
  4. archna
  5. Aman shah
  6. Aman Shaw
  7. Sudhir Kumar Shukla
  8. Dhairya Anil Gada
  9. Umang
  10. Pramukha
  11. Arif vasaya
  12. Anuj Agarwal
  13. Oormila
  14. Balamurali
  15. hitesh
  16. preethi rao
  17. Vasoya krishna s.
  19. VASU
  20. Sunny
  21. Isha Samant
  22. Archie Banka

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