Eligibility Criteria – Online ITT Exam – ICAI

Eligibility for ITT Online Examination

Eligibility conditions for appearing in the online Information Technology Training (ITT) course / exam. of the ICAI, are as under:

Eligibility Norms for ITT Course

A CA Student shall have to fulfill the eligibility criterions under various categories, for joining the ITT course of ICAI, as mentioned in the attachment:

Eligibility Norms for ITT Course

Eligibility Norms for ITT Exam

A CA Student shall have to fulfill the following eligibility nroms for appearing in the exam of the ICAI:

i) 90% attendance during the ITT Course;

If a student has put-in 60% attendance in one session (batch) but could not make 90% attendance, he/she would be permitted to attend the missed classes in the next batch upon request, subject to availability. · However, if a student has to discontinue the classes due to unavoidable circumstances he/she may take the prior written permission from the IT Centre In-charge.

ii) Passed both the Module Tests I and II by securing at least 50% marks in each module.

iii) Submitted the project strictly as per ITT guidelines.

Please visit ICAI website for official/ updated information.


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