Latest Income Tax Advance Rulings given by the AAR in India

Advance Rulings under Income Tax

With a view to avoiding a dispute in respect of assessment of income-tax liability in the case of a non-resident (and also specified categories of residents), a Scheme of Advance Ruling was incorporated in Chapter XIX-B of the Income-tax Act. The Authority for Advance Rulings ( AAR ) pronounces rulings on the applications of the non-resident/residents submitted in the prescribed form following prescribed procedure and such rulings are binding both on the applicant and the income-tax department. Thus, the applicant can avoid expensive and time consuming litigation on any question of law or fact which might arise from normal income-tax assessment proceedings. AAR (Procedure) Rules, 1996 provide detailed procedure for obtaining advance rulings.

Latest Advance Rulings pronounced by the AAR

Recently, the auhority for Advance Rulings in India has pronounced the following rulings in the income tax matters on question of law or fact arising from normal income-tax assessment proceedings:

Advance Ruling dt. 1-Dec-2015 Satyam Computer Services Ltd

Advance Ruling dt. 30-Nov-2015 Tiong Woon Project & Contracting Pte Ltd

Advance Ruling dt. 29-Jul-2015 Measurement Technology Limited

Advance Ruling dt. 20-Jul-2015 SkillSoft Ireland Limited

Advance Ruling dt. 9-May-2014 Pan-Asia iGATE Solutions

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