MCA Clarification reg. Generation of Online Challan for Offline Payment Cases

MCA Clarification reg. Generation of Online Challan for Offline Payment Cases; prescribes two step procedure for filing of e-form IEPF-1 where Challans not generated on MCA21 portal prior to 15 Dec. 2016

MCA General Circular No. 2/2017 dt. 20 Apr. (Clarification Online Challan in Offline Cases) 

In terms of Investors Education and Protection Fund (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016 as notified on 05.09.2016, and as per the prerequisites of e-form IEPF-I, the companies are required to transfer the amounts to Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) through Challans generated on MCA 21 portal. Attention is also drawn to circular No. 13/2016 dated 05.12.2016 issued by this office, communicating that Challans which are not generated on MCA 21 portal will not be accepted after 15.12.2016.

2. However it has been noticed that there are companies, which have transferred the amount to IEPF prior to 15.12.2016, through Challans not generated on MCA-21 portal and these companies were/are unable to file IEPF-1.

3. To facilitate filing of e-form IEPF-1 by such companies, following two step processes is suggested:-


Company concerned is required to submit details of the challans in prescribed format (enclosed) to IEPF Authority on email id The copy of challans and certificate for authentication of the details submitted are required to be obtained from practicing professionals’ viz. Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Cost Accountants. This information will be accepted by IEPF Authority upto 20th May, 2017 only, and no further relaxation shall be granted.

Step II 

The submitted data shall be processed by the IEPF Authority and a Front Office service will be made available on IEPF website from 5th June, 2017 for a period of 30 days, i.e. up to 5th July, 2017 to enable the companies to submit the required data online. An automated generated number will be provided by the MCA21 system on validation of entries and using this automated generated number as SRN, companies may file e-form IEPF-1 online & upload investor details without requirement of filing additional fees.

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