MCA Extends Timeline for ‘LLP Form 8’ upto 30/12/2021 without Additional Fee

MCA has extended the timeline for filing of ‘LLP Form 8‘ upto 30/12/2021, i.e. additional fees payable on account of delay in filing of Form 8 (Statement of Account and Solvency) by Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) has been relaxed, in view of the challenges being faced by small businessmen due to COVID 19 pandemic.

It may be noted that each LLP is required to file a ‘Statement of Accounts & Solvency’ in LLP Form 8 as a declaration on the state of solvency, assets & liabilities and income & expenditure of the LLP on an annual basis, duly signed by by the designated partners. In this regard, MCA has received representations from various Stakeholders, seeking suitable extension of the timeline for filing said Form and waiver of additional fees payment liability thereon.

Accordingly, MCA has extended the timeline for LLP Form 8 and waived additional fee liability thereon, as part of the GOI initiative to promote ease of compliances for MSMEs doing business in the Form of LLP.

MCA General Circular 16/2021 dt. 26/10/2021: Timeline for LLP Form 8 Extended upto 30/12/2021 without Additional Fee

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