Information and updates on the status of functioning of the MCA21 Portal for e-filing of various Forms with the ROC, under the Companies Act/ Rules:

Login at V3 portal and Upgrade to a Business user

MCA Portal Update dt. 14/04/2022: Stakeholders are requested to use their V2 user ID and password to log into the new V3 portal, and then upgrade to a Business user. Once upgraded the email ID of the V2 account will automatically become the login ID for V3 and password will remain the same, which can be then changed as required.

Login by Existing V2 Users

MCA Portal Update dt. 12/03/2022: MCA has advised the Stakeholders on Login into V3 of MCA portal in the case of existing V2 users having V2 login IDs and Passwords:
(1) No need to re-register on V3 portal;
(2) To login: The existing users may use their respective V2 user IDs and Password for the first time;
(3) After Login: To access the services of filing LLP forms in V3, the users need to upgrade their profile from Registered to Business user (option available on top right corner);
(4) For Company related filings in V2: the Users are required to use? Login to Company Filings? option on the login page with their exisitng V2 credentials only.

DSC Association in V3

MCA Portal Update dt. 12/03/2022: MCA has advised the Stakeholders facing issues in Associating DSC in V3, to follow the below simple steps:
(1) Associate your DSC as a Business user in V3.
(2) Login using your credentials.
(3) Go to MCA Services ->FO LLP Services – >Associate DSC
(4) Download & run? embridge? – 2nd option provided on the screen.
(5) Change the DSC password/ PIN (for 1st time users on V3).
(6) In the? Token? field, select? ePass? option from the available drop downs.
(7) Select Certificate Details from the drop down and enter the DSC password.
(8) Click on Register.
(9) You will receive confirmation message on portal.

MCA Portal Update dt. 09/03/2022: Stakeholders have been advised to take note that DSC Association is a post login service in V3. User Registration is mandatory for DSC Association. Multiple DSC Associations cannot be done using one user id.

MCA advisory on SRN in all Communications

MCA Portal Update dt. 23/02/2022: All the Registrar of Companies (ROCs) and Regional Directors of MCA have been directed to mandatorily mention SRN in all communications to Companies, LLPs, their officers, auditors, etc.

FAQs on MCA Portal V.3: New LLP Application

MCA Portal Update dt. 20/02/2022: FAQs on New Application/ MCA Portal V3 for e-filing by the Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), which will go live from 06/03/2022.

CSR-2 Available for Filing

MCA Portal Update dt. 12/02/2022: Form CSR-2 (Report on Corporate Social Responsibility) notified vide Companies (Accounts) Amendment Rules, 2022 dt. 11/02/2022 is now available for filing purposes, under MCA Services>Company services>CSR-2.

Launching of new application for e-filing by LLPs on MCA21 portal

MCA Portal Update dt. 01/02/2022: MCA is launching a new application (v3) for e-filing by LLPs on MCA21 portal to improve the service. All LLP filings going forward will be web based. This application is proposed to be launched on 06/03/2022. Stakeholders have been advised to plan as per the following:

a) LLP e-Filings on MCA21 portal will be disabled from 25/02/2022, so there should be no SRNs in pending payment status.

b) Offline payments for LLP using Bank Challan and Pay later option would be stopped from 19/02/2022 to 25/02/2022 and payments for LLP will be accepted only through online mode (Credit/ Debit Card and Net Banking).

c) DSC association and new user registration on MCA21 portal will be stopped on 25/02/2022. These services will resume in new application with LLP launch.

d) Please note that there will not any interruption in filling of Company forms.

MCA Updates (Company Law)
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