MCA shares details of CSR Spending of Companies for FY 2014-15

Details of CSR Spending by Companies for FY 2014-15 shared by MCA

The MCA has released the summarised data relating to CSR Spending of the Companies for the Financial Year 2014-15 along with highlights/ snapshot of actual CSR spending indicating 26% unspent CSR Budget, based on Director’s Report filed on MCA-21 Portal upto 31st January 2016, as under:

i) Out of 10475 eligible companies, 7334 have reported as of 31st January 2016. Out of these reporting companies only 3139 have done some expenditure on CSR.

ii) Out of total prescribed expenditure of  11883 crores by these 3139 companies, 8803 crores have actually been spent. (74%)

iii) CSR spent by the top 10 companies is 32% of the total CSR spend in FY 2014-15. (2783 crores)

iv) Rest of the 3129 companies have spent ₹ 6020 crores

v) 39 companies have spent on CSR despite incurring losses in previous years.

 CSR Expenditure of 7334 Companies for the Financial year 2014-15 as per MCA

 MCA’s Highlights/ Snapshot  Of CSR Spending of 7334 Companies for Financial Year 2014-15


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