Bank Branch Auditors Panel 2017-18 (MEFICAI Empanelment): MEF is Live Now

MEFICAI Empanelment/ Bank Branch Auditors Panel

A. MEF for FY 2017-18 

ICAI’s Multipurpose Empanelment Form (MEF) for the year 2017-18 is live now. Members holding full time Certificate of Practice/ firms, as on 1 Jan. 2017, can fill/ submit the MEF 2017-18 by visiting the MEFICAI website. Last date for submission of online MEF 2017-18 is 15 Aug. 2017, however hard copy of “DECLARATION FOR MEF 2017-18” can be submitted latest by 22 Aug. 2017. 

ICAI Announcement dt. 24 July 2017

Please note that Members can view the Application and can Edit the Application in different stages. However after submission of the application form members will not be able to edit the application. They would be able to view the details submitted through the Application Form and take print out of declaration/ acknowledgement and of the whole application form. Also please use Internet Explorer 6.0/ Mozilla Firefox 7.0 or later version to fill MEF 2017-18.

In case, any online complaint relating to MEF 2017-18 is not resolved/ replied within a week, member(s) concerned can email to [email protected] or call at 011-30110444 and 30110440 (between 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM n all working days).

B. MEF for FY 2016-17 

Final Bank Branch Auditors’ Panel of CAs/ Firms (MEF) for the FY 2016-17 had been forwarded by ICAI to RBI for approval. The approved panel of CA Firms has been forwarded by RBI to respective banks. Further, you can check your UCN by visiting the MEFICAI website.

a) Expert Panel for Addressing Bank Branch Audit Queries for FY 2016-17

To support Members in conducting bank audits of FY 2016-17, the ICAI has constituted an expert panel (with email id: [email protected]to help resolve queries (during 1 Apr. 2017 to 15 Apr. 2017) relating to determination of NPA status, demonetization issues, implications of complicated data found in a branch audit, unavailability of any relevant RBI circular, implications of the requirements of RBI circular, nature and adequacy of documentation, possible wordings of the audit report on some important matters in bank branch audit, reporting on Long Form Audit Reports, Ghosh and Jilani Committee requirements, special purpose reports and certificates, etc. For more information, please refer the link below:

AASB, ICAI’s Expert Panel for Addressing Bank Branch Audit Queries for FY 2016-17

b) Unique Code Number (UCN): Final MEFICAI Panel FY 2016-17

You can check your UCN by visiting the MEFICAI website using the following link:

Know your Unique Code No. (UCN)

c) Final Bank Branch Auditors Panel for the FY 2016-17

Final Bank Branch Auditors’ Panel of CAs/ Firms (MEF) for the FY 2016-17 had been forwarded by ICAI to RBI for approval. The approved panel of CA Firms has been forwarded by RBI to respective banks, which have started sending offer letters through email to select firms/ chartered accountants for their consent/ acceptance before allocation of branches for audit.

Reportedly, the members have started receiving offer mails from SBI, SBBJ, SBOP, Syndicate Bank, Uco Bank, etc. It’s advisable to keep checking emails regularly, for next few days, to avoid missing any such much awaited opportunity.

Final List/ Panel of Chartered Accountants/ Firms prepared by ICAI

Please visit MEFICAI website for updated/ official version of Draft/ Final Panel.

d) MEF-ICAI Multipurpose Empanelment Form 2016-17

MEF 2016-17 for empanelment of Bank Branch Auditors for FY 2016-17 is hosted at MEFICAI website. MEF 2016-17 is divided into three parts, i.e. i) Part A: For Bank Branch Auditor’s panel ; ii) Part B: For Additional information for Multipurpose Empanelment; and iii) Part C: For panel of Cooperative Societies and Cooperative Banks.

ICAI has further extended the Last date for online submission of MEF from 10 sept. 2016 to 20 Sept. 2016 and for submission of hard copy of declaration from 20 Sept. 2016 to 30 Sep. 2016 due to difficulties/ technical issues faced by members in accessing and submitting the MEF.

ICAI has published a list of Declarations Received for MEF 2016-17, wherein you can verify that your declaration has reached ICAI or not. Also, in case you have submitted digital signed MEF, then the same can be verified from the list of Digitally Signed Declarations published by MEFICAI.

In line with ICAI Notification dt. 7 April, entities are being advised to avail the Multipurpose Empanelment data available with ICAI for allotting various assignments in response to tenders, including for Cooperative Societies. Accordingly PART B & PART C has been included in MEF 2016-17.

To ease out the process for Bank Branch Auditors Panel, ICAI had requested to just fill PART A of MEF. Now  Part B & C of the MEF has been made live during 10 Nov. 2016 to 17 Nov. 2016 for members those who could not fill whereas the same was made live from 5 Oct. 2016 to 31 Oct. 2016 to enable the applicants to fill/ edit the same.

After finishing, PART B and/or PART C there is no need to send the Declaration again. Those who have already filled PART B & PART C need not fill it again. However, they may edit once, any information they would like to given by them earlier.

The ICAI has issued a Clarification (dt. 6 Oct. 2016) in respect of Benefit of Seniority and Credit of Exclusiveness in the case of Proprietory Concern/ Sole/ Individual Practice for the purpose of MEF 2016-17. For details, please refer the link below:

ICAI Clarifications reg. Proprietory Concern/ Sole/ Individual Practice (MEF 2016-17)

ICAI had called for Financial Documents of the applicants of MEF 2016-17 for empanelment with Banks, etc. Recently ICAI has updated list of firms whose Financial Documents have been received for MEF 2016-17 and the same is hosted on MEFICAI website. For details, please refer the link below:

MEF 2016-17: ICAI calls for Financial Documents of Applicants for Empanelment

MEFICAI website has hosted a list of Firms/ Members whose duly signed declaration for MEF 2016-17 application is not yet received at ICAI. Applicants have been called upon to submit requisite declaration latest by 9 Dec. 2016, failing which their applications for empanelment shall not be considered.

Final Call by ICAI where Declaration not received (MEF 2016-17 Empanelment)

Further, the ICAI has made every effort to make the MEF 2016-17 more comprehensive to collect maximum information and disseminate through a centralized database. Also, for the first time, ICAI has attempted to give option of using Digital Signatures for submission of declaration.

Multipurpose Empanelment Form 2016-17

In case there is any problem in accessing, operating or submission of MEF, complaint may be lodged through complaint mechanism available at MEFICAI website. However, in case the complaint is not resolved or replied within a week, applicants can call at MEFICAI Contact Numbers, i.e. 011-30110444, 30110411, 30110440, 30110480, 30110438, 30110451 and 30110508 (between 3 PM to 5 PM on all working days).

e) ICAI’s Advisory/ Instructions on Filling of MEF 2016-17

It is suggested that before going directly to fill up the MEF Form, Applicants should first go through the “Advisory for Filling Multipurpose Empanelment Form 2016-17” issued by the ICAI, for meficai eligibility, firm category criteria, complaint filing mechanism, procedure for submission of hard copy of mef declaration 2016-17, etc. as under: (View or Download PDF Copy)

ICAI’s Advisory/ Instructions for Members/ Firms on Filling MEF 2016-17

f) Pre Multipurpose Empanelment Form 2016-17

Pre-Multipurpose Empanelment Form (pre-MEF) for the year 2016-17 was hosted at MEFICAI website and was available for ‘view only’ between 20-Apr-2016 and 25-Jul-2016 at MEFICAI website.

g) ICAI’s advisory on Pre-MEF Data Verification 

As the information field related to year of constitution and address, flows from Institute’s database and are non-editable fields, applicants are requested to kindly check these information thoroughly. Status of your firm as on 01.01.16 should be duly updated in your concerned Regional office of ICAI. However, if you find any deviation from your actual status, kindly ensure that your status is updated on or before 25th May, 2016 with your concerned Regional Office. Soon after this MEF data verification process, MEF will be hosted at MEFICAI website.

h) Other related items

View or Download PDF Copy:

RBI Approved Audit Firms for appointment as CSA in Banks for 2015-16

RBI Norms on Eligibility, Empanelment, Appointment of Branch Auditors 2015-16

Revised MEFICAI Norms for Firm Category for Allocation of Bank Branch Audit

RBI Norms for Appointment of Bank CSA from 2016-17 onwards


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