Merger of Multiple User IDs of ICAI Members in V2 & V3 MCA Portals

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has recently issued General Circular 07/2023, dated July 12, 2023, addressing the Presidents of three prestigious professional institutes, namely the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICoAI), and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). The circular sheds light on the crucial topic of merging multiple user IDs in the MCA21 portals, with a particular focus on the transition from the existing MCA21 V2 portal to the new MCA21 V3 portal. This initiative aims to streamline user access for members and facilitate a seamless transition to the new portal while deactivating redundant user IDs.

The Challenge: Multiple User IDs on MCA21 V2

The MCA has recognized a prevailing issue among members of the aforementioned professional institutes. It has come to their attention that many members have inadvertently created multiple user IDs while conducting transactions on the existing MCA21 V2 portal. This situation has led to further complications, as numerous members are unable to create a user ID on the new MCA21 V3 portal due to either being unaware of an existing ID or simply failing to recall whether they had created one on the V2 portal.

Merger of Multiple User IDs of ICAI Members in V2 & V3 MCA Portals

Resolution with Help from ICAI, ICoAI & ICSI

To address this challenge effectively, the MCA has devised a solution that requires the cooperation and involvement of the respective professional institutes. The circular stipulates that affected members should approach their respective institutes (ICAI, ICoAI, or ICSI) with their credentials. These institutes will then assist members by recommending one of two courses of action:

i) Merging Multiple User IDs: If a member has created multiple user IDs on the MCA21 V2 portal and wishes to consolidate them with the ID created in the new MCA21 V3 portal, the respective institute will facilitate the merging process. This ensures that members can access the new portal with a single, unified user ID.

ii) Deactivation of Redundant User IDs: In cases where a member possesses redundant user IDs on the MCA21 V2 portal and prefers to deactivate them, the respective institute will support the deactivation process. By removing these unnecessary user IDs, members can create a fresh user ID on the MCA21 V3 portal and seamlessly transition to the new platform.

Procedure for Merger/Deactivation of Multiple User IDs

To initiate the necessary changes in the user ID on the MCA21 V3 portal, the President or Vice-president of the respective institute (ICAI, ICoAI, or ICSI) will forward their recommendations to [email protected]. Once the MCA receives these recommendations, they will promptly process the requests and ensure that the recommended changes are implemented.


The MCA’s circular serves as a valuable guideline for members of the ICAI, ICoAI and ICSI, highlighting the importance of streamlining user access to the MCA21 portals. By addressing the issue of multiple user IDs and providing a clear path to merge or deactivate redundant IDs, the MCA aims to simplify the transition to the new MCA21 V3 portal. Members are encouraged to reach out to their respective institutes with their credentials and take advantage of this opportunity to streamline their user access, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience within the MCA ecosystem.

MCA General Circular 07/2023 dated 12/07/2023: Merger of Multiple User IDs of Members of ICAI, ICoAI & ICSI in V2 & V3 MCA Portals

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